Name: Prof. Maundu John Nyamai
 B. Ed, M. Ed, Ph.D 
Department/Unit/Section: Educational Communication and Technology
Contact Address:
P.O.BOX 43844- 00100, Nairobi – Kenya
Position:Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization:
Science Education
Research Interests:
Teaching and Learning in Biology; Science Education; Community Development; Intergration of ICT

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  • Currently Member of the HP Catalyst Initiative Pedagogy 3.0 Project Team on the use of IT in the teaching of Science and Mathematics (Theme: ‘Using Technology to Support Teacher and Learner Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics and Science’)
  • Currently member of the Syracuse-Kenyatta University research link team on Teacher Education (Theme: ‘Building Capacity through Quality Teacher Preparation’).
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Articles in Conference proceedings

  • Maundu J and Githinji A. (2011).Youth employment in Kenya: employability  skills for socioeconomic development. In http://cusein
  • Maundu J. & Kamau T. (2011). Non-formal Education for Societal Transformation: A preliminary survey of Nairobi County. In http://cuse


  • 2002: Muindi D, Maundu J, Kiio M, Wainaina wa Gitau, ECT 300: Peer Teaching Module, Institute of Open Learning, Kenyatta University.
  • 2004: Maundu John, Khatete David, ECT 304: Subject Methods-Biology. Institute of Open Learning, KenyattaUniversity.
  • 2005:   Maundu, J., Sambili H., Muthwii, S, Biology Education-A methodological approach (Revised Edition) . Nairobi: Lectern Publishers.

Chapters in Book(s)

  • Maundu, J N, Aims and Objectives of Education. In Instructional Methods in Education. PublishedbyKenya Institute of Education, Nairobi, 2007, ISBN No. 9966-31-625-6.
  • Maundu, J N, Measurement and Evaluation in Education. In Instructional Methods in Education. PublishedbyKenya Institute of Education, Nairobi, 2007, ISBN No. 9966-31-625-6.
  • Maundu J, The relationship between Pupil Achievement in English Language and Predictor Variables. In Benchmarks for English Language Education, Edited by Ted Groenewegen , Phoenix Publishers, Nairobi, 2008, ISBN No. 996 302 5  

Participation in Workshops/Conferences

Attended a National Conference on Early Childhood Education, held at Green Hills, Nyeri, Kenya in 1993

Attended a National Symposium on Education of Girls ,at Machakos, Kenya, Garden Hotel, Machakos, 1994

Attended an ADEA Research Orientation seminar on Non-formal education at Helderfontain, Johannesburg, S.A., 18-20 June, 1997

Attended a conference on Non-formal education at the Bronte Hotel, Harare, Zimbabwe, 13-15 Aug., 1997

Attended a workshop on Training Skills in Reproductive Health at the Outspan Hotel, Nyeri, Kenya, 1998

Attended a UNICEF-sponsored workshop on Life Skills and HIV/AIDS at the Hilton Hotel, Nairobi, (17-19 July, 2000)

Attended a workshop on teaching modules development at Blue Post Hotel, Thika, Kenya, Jan.17-18, 2002

Participated in a Rockefeller Foundation – sponsored seminar on research methods at the Bounty Hotel, Nairobi, on 29th April, 2002

Attended Workshop on the launching of the 11th ADEA Working Group on Mathematics and Science Education, Holiday Inn, Nairobi, Kenya (March 30-31, 2005).

Attended ADEA/SMASSE Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, GITARAMA, Rwanda, June, 2005

Attended departmental seminar on Anti-corruption entitled “Academic and Professional Integrity”, March, 21, 2006 held at the University’s Science Complex Boardroom.

Attended a departmental seminar on Strengthening Science and Mathematics Education, held at the University’s Science Complex Boardroom, February, 21, 2006.

Attended an ADEA/SMASSE Conference on Mathematics/Science Education, Saly, Senegal (May 29-June 2, 2006).

Attended an IT training workshop at the National ICT Innovation and Integration Centre, KSTC, NRB (25-10-11).

Attended a KU-SYRACUSE workshop on Teaching and Learning in Large Classes at KUCC, 13 Oct. 2011. Subsequently produced, with other team members, a Policy brief on the same.

Attended a KU-SYRACUSE workshop on Handling All Learners at KUCC, 24th Oct. 2011.

Attended HP Catalyst Summit on Innovations in STEM (+) Learning and Teaching in Beijing, CHINA 11-14, April, 2012.

Attended an International conference on Advancement of Biology Education Research at the University of Minnesota, USA, (July 12-15, 2012

Attended a seminar on Time Travels – a historical concept for teaching and learning across the curriculum; held in ECT Boardroom on Tuesday, 23/6/2015