Modeof Study

Theundergraduate educationalpsychology units are offeredin the regular, Institutional Based

andOpen andDistant learning andthe eLearning platform modesofstudy.

Entry Requirements

Kenyatta University undergraduate entry requirementsforthe schoolofeducationapply.

Course Duration

Kenyatta University, BachelorofEducationduration ofstudy shallapply


The course will be evaluated as follows:

A minimum of two CATs scored out of 30% and the University examinations scored out of 70%. Total score shall be 100%. Grading will be as follows:

Grading will be done as follows: 70% and above (A); 60-69% (B); 50-59% (C); 40-49% (D); Below

40% (Fail)

Course Structure(The department to advice students on unit requirement)