Entry Requirements
Applicants with the following qualifications shall be eligible for admission to the Clinical Child
Neuropsychology programme:
i.    Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or Div III at KCE or at least (1) one Principal and (1) one Subsidiary in KACE OR Mean grade of C- (Minus) at KCSE or equivalent with P1 certificate and at least two (2) years experience.
ii.    Applicants with at least grade C (plain) or Credit 6 in English, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics at KCSE and KCE respectively will have an added advantage.

Mode and Duration of the Programme
The programme will be offered by full-time mode initially, with a provision for part-time mode
The minimum duration of the programme will be 18 months, commencing

The course will be evaluated through sit in continuous assessment tests, take away assignments and examination. The sit in CATs accounts for 30%. The university examination accounts for
70%. Total score is 100%. Pass mark is 40%

Diploma in Child and Clinical Neuropsychology

Unit Code and Title
EPS 042: Introduction to Developmental Neuropsychology EPS 043: Anatomical Organization of the Nervous System EPS 044: Gross Structure and function of the Nervous System
EPS 045: Etiology, Function and Significance of the Nervous System-Clinical Seminar 1
EPS 046: Issues in Developmental Neuropsychology
EPS 047: Classification of Disorders

Second Semester Course Units
EPS 048: Disorders of Development and Their Consequences
EPS 049: Neurobehavioral and Diagnostic Issues
EPS 050: Disturbances of Function
EPS 051: Introduction to Research Methods
EPS 052: Theory and Practice in Neuropsychological Assessment
EPS 053: Introduction to Pediatric Neuropsychology

Year 2
EPS 054: Assessment of Learning Difficulties
EPS 055: Assessment Process
EPS 056: The NEPSY Test
EPS 057: Learning Disorders, Remediation and Education
EPS 058: Practicum (One Unit)