Entry Requirements
Mean grade of C (plain) at KCSE or Div.III at KCE or Mean grade of C- (minus) at KCSE or
equivalent with Certificate in the relevant area from a recognized institution.

Mode of Study and Course Duration
The Diploma course in Guidance and Counselling is offered through Distance and e-Learning
(ODel) programme. The course duration is 18 months. The course is by course work and project.

The course will be evaluated through sit in continuous assessment tests, take away assignments and examination. The sit in CATs accounts for 30%. The university examination accounts for
Total score is 100%. Pass mark is 40%

Certification: Diploma in Guidance and Counselling

Unit Code and Title

Year One
Semester One
EPS 021: Research Methods in Counselling
EPS 022: Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy-1
EPS 023: Introduction to Psychology
EPS 024: Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
EPS 025: Personal and Social Counselling
EPS 026: Child and Adolescent Development
EPS 027: Adult Development and Aging
EPS 028: Behaviour Modification
EPS 029: Theories of Career Development
EPS 030: Group Counselling
EPS 031: Fundamentals of Communication in Guidance and Counselling
EPS 032: Drugs and Substance Abuse
EPS 033: Ethics in Counselling
EPS 034: Assessment and Evaluation in Counselling
EPS 035: Field Practicum
EPS 036: Project