Entry requirement
The common regulations for postgraduate diploma in the university and in the school of Education shall apply. The following shall be eligible for registration for Postgraduate diploma in Health Education.
i.    Holder of Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.
ii.    Holders of the above qualifications with lower second class division will be admitted provided they have two years working experience in related areas.

The course shall be through coursework, examination and project.The course will extend over a minimum of one academic year.The project work will be equivalent to two units.The final written examination will constitute 70% of the total marks while the continuous assessment and assignment will constitute 30%.
The pass mark of the course shall be 50%.

The diploma programme will lead to the award of a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Education.

Unit Code and Title

Core Units
EFN 700: Research Project
EFN 735: Theory and perspective in Health Education
EFN 709: Introduction to Research Methodology
EFN 737: Parenthood, socialization and heath Education EFN 738: The Historical Development of Health Education EFN 739: Foundations of Health Education in Schools
EFN 740: Teacher Preparedness in Health Education
EFN 741: African perspective of Health and Health Education
EFN 742 Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Education EFN 743: Children as Partners in Health Education Electives
EFN 744: Substance abuse, health and education
EFN 745: Advanced Methods in Health Education Research
EFN 746: Women’s Health Issues and Education
EFN 747: Contemporary Issues in Health Education
EFN 748: Community Mobilization in Health Education
EFN 749: HIV/AIDS Education
EFN 750: Health and Illness in Cross- Cultural Perspectives
EFN 751: Social Marketing and Health Communication in Education