The applicant should:
i.    Be a holder of Bachelor degree or its equivalent of Kenyatta University or any other recognized university.
ii.           Should have at least 2 years experience working in the education sector.

The course shall be through coursework, Examination and project. The student will be expected to do 8 core units and specialize in 8 electives. The project will be equivalent to two course units that will be taken at the end of the course

The course will lead to the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Issues in
Unit Code and Title

Core Units
EFN 700: Research Project
EFN 701: Introduction to Foundations of Education EFN 702: Inclusive Education for Vulnerable children EFN 703: Foundations of Higher Education
EFN 704: Gender and Education in Changing Society
EFN 705: EFA in Developing and developed Nations
EFN 706: Democracy, Human Rights and Citizenship Education
EFN 707: Globalization and Education
EFN 708: Modern Educational ideas
EFN 709: Introduction to Research Methodology
EFN 710: Life skills, Education and Child Friendly School EFN 711: School safety/ Alternative Modes of Discipline EFN 712: Indigenous and Community Knowledge Systems
EFN 713: Community Capacity Development and Mobilization
EFN 714: Ethics and Professionalism
EFN 715: Life-Long Education
EFN 716: Education and Social Class Formation EFN 717: Substance Abuse, Health and Education EFN 718: Education for School Governance