Entry Requirements
The following shall be eligible for registration for the Post-graduate diploma in Educational
Leadership and Management in the School of Education:
i.            A holder of a Bachelor of Education degree or its equivalent from Kenyatta
University or any other recognized institution.
ii.           A holder of a Bachelor of Art/Science degree with a Post Graduate Diploma in
iii.         In addition, the applicant must have served in a teaching position or any other relevant
position for at least two years.

Pattern and Duration of the Programme
The ELM programme is designed to take four (4) sessions for IBP or three (3) semesters for regular, full time programme. A total of 22 units will be taken comprising 20 taught units and a research project equivalent to 2 units. For regular/full time mode students will be required to take seven (7) taught units in each of the 3 semesters making a total of 22 units including Research Project. In the third semester students finalise and submit their final research project for examination. For the IBP mode the students will take 5 units in each session.

University examination regulations shall apply. University examinations shall be given at the end of each semester and shall contribute 60 percent of the total marks, while the continuous assessment shall constitute the remaining 40 percent.For the purposes of evaluation, a research project shall be regarded as equivalent to two (2) units and shall be submitted at the end of the third session for examination. The duration for the University examination shall be two (2) hours per unit.The minimum pass mark for each unit shall be 50%.

A candidate who fails to satisfy the requirements may be permitted on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners and with the approval of the Senate to take supplementary examinations in the failed units up to a maximum of two units in any session. Supplementary examinations for the units failed shall be done before the submission of the project. The maximum mark attainable
in each unit examined in supplementary examination shall be 50%. A candidate who fails more than two units in a session shall be discontinued. A candidate who fails to satisfy the examiners in a supplementary examination shall be discontinued. A candidate shall not be allowed to submit the research project prior to passing supplementary examination if any.

Unit Code and Title
EMP 700: Introduction to Education Research
EMP 702: Organizational Behaviour in Education
EMP 703: Strategic Leadership and School Improvement
EMP 704: Introduction to Dynamics of Change and Reforms in Education
EMP 705: Professional Learning Communities
EMP 706: Instructional Leadership and Supervision
EMP 707: Administration of Inclusive Schools
EMP 708:  School Financial Management
EMP 709: Human Resource Management in Education
EMP 710: Management of Resources in Education
EMP 711: Education Project Management
EMP 712: Education Policy and Law
EMP 713: National Education Administration EMP 714: Teacher Professional Development EMP 715: School Strategic Planning
EMP 716: Data Collection, Analysis for School Improvement
EMP 717: The Role of the Principal
EMP 718: ICT in Educational Management
EMP 719: Practicum in Educational Leadership and Management (1 unit) EMP 720: Research Project (2 units)