Entry Requirements
To be admitted to the course programme, applicants must one of following:
i.    K.C.S.E (C plain) or its equivalent, or
ii.    P1 or S1 or its equivalent with at least two years work experience
iii.    A holder of KCSE C- (minus) with a relevant certificate from a recognized institution.

Duration of the Program
To qualify for the award of Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management, a candidate shall have completed TWO (2) academic years.
Mode of Study: Full-Time –Residential (4 Semesters), Full-Time –Institutional Based (6 Sessions),
Open and Distance Learning (4 Semesters)

Examination Regulations
Kenyatta University Examination regulations for Diploma programmes shall apply:
The assessment of students’ work shall be done on the basis of percentage marks. The pass mark in all unit courses shall be 40%. All courses shall be examined during the semester in which
they are taken. The units for Institutional Based Mode shall be examined in the next session. Examinations shall consist of Continuous Assessments course tests which shall contribute 30% and final examinations which shall contribute 70%. Failing a unit, a candidate shall undertake a supplementary examination.

Each unit shall be marked out of 100 per cent. The marks shall be translated into literal grades as follows:
Distinction (70%-100%), Credit I (60%-69%), Credit II (50%-59%), Pass (40%-49%), Fail (0-39)

Unit Code and Title

Year 1
EMP 021: Foundations of Education
EMP 022: Psychology of Learning and Instruction
EMP 023: ICT in Educational Management
EMP 024: Introduction to Educational Research
EMP 025: Theories and Principles of Educational Management
EMP 026: Strategic Leadership and School Improvement
EMP 027: Curriculum and Instructional Leadership
EMP 028: School Financial Management
EMP 029: Management of Resources in Education
EMP 030: Human Resources Management EMP 031: Education Project Management EMP 032: Educational Law and Policy

Year 2
EMP 033: Management of Student Services Activities and Discipline
EMP 034: Administration of Inclusive Schools
EMP 035: National Education Administration
EMP 036: Data Collection and Analysis for School Improvement
EMP 037: Primary School Management and Leadership
EMP 038: School Strategic Planning
EMP 039: Practicum in Educational Management
EMP 040: Research Project