Entry Requirements
To qualify for admission, candidates must meet the following academic, professional and other qualifications: Mean grade of C (Plain) at KCSE or Division III at KCE OR Mean grade of C- (Minus) with either a P1 certificate or an Early Childhood Studies certificate from a recognized Institution.
The diploma programme will be offered in three modes: residential, open learning and school based. The minimum duration for the residential programme is three semesters. The programme consists of 18 units usually offered in 3 semesters. In order to qualify for the award of the diploma, the candidate must pass all the 18 units.

The programme will lead to the award of a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

The final written examination will constitute 70% of the total mark while the continuous assess-
ment and assignments will constitute 30%.The pass mark of each course shall be 50%

Unit Code and Title
ECE 021: Introduction to General Psychology
ECE 022: Overview of Child Development: pre-natal and infancy
ECE 023: Health Education and Practices
ECE 024: Foods and Nutrition for Infants and Young Children
ECE 025: Introduction to General Methods in ECE
ECE 026: Foundation of Historical Development of ECE in Kenya
ECE 027: Overview of Childhood Development ECE 028: Basics of Language in Early Childhood ECE 029: Art, Craft and Material Development
ECE 030: Play, Music and Drama in Early Childhood
ECE 031: Basics of Science and Mathematics
ECE 032: Religious and Social Studies in Early Childhood
ECE 033: Foundation of Community Education and Mobilization
ECE 034: Children with Special Needs
ECE 035: Care giving and the Role of Family in Changing Society
ECE 036: Introduction to Research Methods
ECE 037: Management of programmes for Infants and Young Children
ECE 038:  Foundations of Guidance and Counselling