Research Publications

Date Issued

2010 The Effect of Embossed Picture Technique on Reading
Performance of Learners with Hearing Impairments: A
Case of Kambui School for the Deaf
Journal of the American Academy of Special Education Professionals (JAASEP)-The Spring/Summer,2010 edition. Muyendo, S; Wamocho, I. F
2010 Educating students with physical and other health impairments. International Encyclopedia Education, 3rd Edition  
2010 Psychosocial Impact of HIV/AIDS on Orphaned and Affected Children Book published by VDM Verlag Book Publisher Arogo, G., &
Mweru, M.
2010 Labeling of students with disabilities: Needed for students
to Get their needs met.
Current Issues and Trends in Special Education: Identification, Assessment and Instruction (Advances in Special Education, Volume 19), Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.101-114 Mukuria, G. & Jeffery, P. K
2010 Lifestyles in an Era of AIDS Book published by VDM
Verlag Book Publisher
Mweru, M.
2010 Primary Teacher Education in Jeopardy: Pre-service Teachers' Under Achievement in Attainment of Desired English Competency Levels Review of HigherEducation and Self Learning Journal. Vol. 3, Issue 5. Prof. Agnes Gathumbi
2009 Synchronising pedagogy and musical experiences in early childhood: addressing challenges in preschool music
education in Kenya
Early Child Development and Care Vol. 179, No. 6, August 2009, 807–821 Andang'o, Elizabeth
2009 Constituents of the essential oil of Suregada zanzibariensis leaves are repellent to the mosquito, Anopheles gambiae s.s. Journal of Insect Science: Vol. 10 Article 57 Ester Innocent, Cosam C. Joseph, Nicholas K. Gikonyo, Mayunga H.H. Nkunya, and Ahmed Hassanali
2009 Effects of long-lasting insecticidal nets and zooprophylaxis on mosquito feeding behaviour and density in Mwea, central Kenya J Vector Borne Dis 46, September 2009, pp. 184-190 Josyline C. Kaburiae, Joyce N. Githutob, L. Muthamic, Peter K. Ngured, Jones M. Muekee &
Charles S. Mwandawirof
2009 Personality Development Book published by Longhorn
Publishers Kenya
Mweru, M. &
Nungari, J.
2009 Alpha English Activities Book 2 Kenya Literature Bureau Gladwell Wambiri,
Judith M. Akinyi &
Alice Kairichi
2009 Neo?liberal Orthodoxy and the Ostrich Game   Prof. Edward Oyugi

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