Research Publications

Date Issued

  Globolization and Language in Education: Policies and Practice, London, Multilingual Matters   Dr. Grace Bunyi
  School-Based Assessment:An Unattainable Goal in Kenya’s Educational System Journal of Education Studies 1 (2) Dr. Grace Bunyi
  AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-Medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV   Dr.Lynette N Okeng'o
  Child Development, Educational Psychology   Prof. Daniel M Kiminyo
  Utilization of CD-ROMs for Teaching and Learning   Mr. Kiranga Gatimu
  Personality Psychology module for Institute of Open Learning, Kenyatta University   Jotham Ndolo Dinga

Educational statistics and evaluation Module


Joseph Lunalo

  Instructional Methods (General Methods)   H.O. Ayot, et al

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