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'Secondary School principals’ Perceptions of Influence of KEMI Programmes on Leadership Competence Levels in Two counties in Kenya

Msingi Journal Vol No.1 2014,CUEA Press: ISSN 231-3493 Kisilu kombo,Kalai,Jm;Sang AK

Rights of Children in the Kenyan Primary School Curriculum

Msingi Journal Vol. 1 No. 1 2014, pp. 236 – 260, Nairobi CUEA Press. A. M. Karugu
2014 Respectful Overcoming: An Interview with Dr. Fatuma Chege pp68-80. In Eds. Mary Jane Harkins & Zhanna Barchuk. International Conversations of Teacher Educators Teaching and Learning in Global World © Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University, 2014 (ISBN 978-1-895306-75-0) Fatuma Chege, Zhanna Barchuk, and Mary Jane Harkins
2014 Learner's use of a Mathematics Textbook: An exploration Educational Studies in Mathematics Manuscript Number: EDUC-D-14-00285 ( in Press) Margot Berger PhD,& Miheso-O’Connor

Extent to Which the African Men are Able to Meet Psychological, Safety, Belongingness, esteem, and self Actualization Needs for themselves and family in Dadaab Refugee Camp, Garisa County, Kenya

Global Journal of Human Social Sciences Tabitha Wangeri, Sammy Tumuti, Doyne Kageni, Samuel Mutua Mutweleli, Josphine Gitome, and Marangu Njogu

Enhancement of Science Performance through Computer-Assisted Instruction among Selected Secondary School Learners in Kenya.

Kentucky Journal of Excellence in College Teaching and Learning (Vol 12 ) Jesse S, Twoli N, Maundu J

 Trauma Types, Symptoms Manifestations and Social Support Systems Among University Students Trauma Survivors in Kenya

International Journal of Education and Research, ISSN:2201-6333 (Print),ISSN 2201-6740 (Online) Dr. Sammy Tumuti and Dr. Tabitha Wang’eri

Work Role Overload, Teacher-Pupil-Ratio, School Type, Years of Teaching Experience, Gender and Burn Out as Factors Related to Work Stress among Primary School Teachers in Kasarani Division, Nairobi County, Kenya.

Global Journals of Social Science Volume 14 Issue 1: 55-6 Wangeri, T. & Okello, L.O.
2014 Instructional Practices and Challenges in Secondary School English Language Teaching: Implications for Development of Literacy Benchmarks in Kenya. (Co-author) in Researchjournalis Journal of Education Vol. 2 No. 11, ISSN 2347-825. (Online) Gathumbi A.

Is the choice of degree program a factor of personality types and degree of congruence?

IOSR Journal of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS). Volume 19, Issue 2, Ver. V (February. 2014), PP 49-54 e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845. Gitonga, C., Rukangu, S. M., Orodho, J. A., Wangeri, T. & Kigen E.

Extent to which the African men are able to meet physiological and self-esteem and actualization needs for themselves and family in Daadab refugee camp,Garissa county ,Kenya

Global Journal of Human Social Sciences, Issue 2 Volume No.14 Version 1.0 Dr Doyne Kageni Mugambi , Dr Tabitha Wangeri, Dr Summy Tumuti, Samuel Mutweleli ,Marangu Njogu Dr Josephine  Gitome

Improvement of Literacy Standards through Re-engineering Research, Teaching and Evaluation Procedures.

(Co-author) in the African Journal of Educational Research, Vol. 1 No. 1. Society of Educational Research and Evaluation in Kenya (SEREK), Nairobi Gathumbi A.

Impact of Teaching and Learning Resources on Performance in History in Kenya” (Co-author) in

Journal of Education and Practice, Vol 3. Chicago, USA. ISSN 2222-1735 Gathumbi A.

An Analysis of Teaching Methods used in Teaching History in Tigania and Igembe Districts, Kenya. (Co-author)

Journal of Education and Practice, Vol. 5. Chicago, USA Gathumbi A.

Caregivers’ role definition and practices in the stimulation of children’s emergent reading development in Ruiru, Kenya

Journal of Education and practice, ISSN 2222-1735(Paper) ISSN 2222-288X (online) Volume.5, No.2, 2014 Gladwell Wambiri

Compatibility of Work and school: Informal school work arrangements in Central Kenya’,

Places of work in African Childhood, ed. Michael Bourdillon & Georges Mulumbwa. Dakar, Codesria: 167-185 Gladwell Wambiri

Jigger infestation: A menace to children’s school attendance

Journal of education and practice JEP Vol. No. 5, 2014 Makena, B. and Mwoma, T.

Web 2.0 Technologies Use by Students in Higher Education: A Case of Kenyan Universities

Book Chapter published in the book Advancing Higher Education with Mobile Learning Technologies: Cases, Trends, and Inquiry-Based Methods IGI Global DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6284-1, ISBN13: 9781466662841, ISBN10: 1466662840, EISBN13: 9781466662858 Link: Catherine Gakii Murungi and Rhoda Karimi Gitonga

Utilization of Instructional Media for Quality Training in Pre-primary School Teacher Training Colleges in Nairobi County, Kenya

Journal Article published in the Journal of Education, 2(7), 1-22ISSN: 2347-8225 Ngure, G., Begi, N., Kimani, E., & Mweru, M.

Critical factors in the integration of information and communication technologies in early childhood education in Kenya: A case of Nairobi County.

Journal of Information Technology Applications and Management (JITAM) Issue 21 (3) Begi, N.

Utilization of Instructional media for quality training in pre-primary school teacher training colleges in Nairobi County

Kenya Researchjournali’s Journal of Education. ISSN 2347-8225 Ngure, G., Begi, N., Kimani, E. & Mweru, M.

Use of mother tongue as a language of instruction in early years of school to preserve the Kenyan culture

Journal of Education and Practice, Vol.5, No.3 2014 ISSN 2222-288X Begi, N.
2014 The Place of Primary and Secondary School English Curriculum in National Cohesion and Integration. In: Mainstreaming National Cohesion and Integration in Kenya’s Educational Curriculum. Nairobi: National Cohesion and Integration Commission: 29 – 37. ISBN: 978-9966-044-10-5 Charles M. Magoma

The Funding of Free Primary Education and its Prospects for Sustainability in Kakamega and Kajiado Counties, Kenya.

Journal of Education and Practice. Vol.5, (35). Ogola, M. Olembo, J. Mse, G.

The Role of Higher Education in Building a Sustainable African Society,

African Journal of Sustainable Development, Volume 4 (3), pg17-38 Available online: Nyerere J., Mfune, O., Fuh, D., Sulemana, N., Mutisya, E., Yiran, G., Fadairo, O., Ameyaw, J., Odingo, A.

Learning to Solve Africa's Problems by Africans: Innovations for Addressing the Canker of Corruption,

African Journal of Sustainable Development, Volume 4 (3), pg. 105-134 Available online: Odingo, A., Fadairo, O., Ameyaw, J., Yiran, G., Mutisya, E., Mfune, O., Fuh, D., Nyerere J., Sulemana, N.
2014  The Challenges of Sustainability; Linking Politics, Education and Learning   Atkinson, Wade, and Otieno, Heeg, O’Brennan, Parker, Petry, Benko, Koganezawa and Ichinose, Blewitt:

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