Position: Professor
Department: Education Management, Policy & Curriculum Studies
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100 Nairobi – Kenya

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  1. The Cost of Primary Education to a Kenyan Parent – Kenya Education Sector Analysis, (sponsored by Ministry of Education).
  2. The Multilateral (Comprehensive) Secondary Schools of Guyana, South America, Financing Primary Education in Kenya. Kenya Education Research Awards,
    (sponsored by Rockefeller Foundation).
  3. Financing Public Education in the United States of America, sponsored by the Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship Inc).
  4. Financing Secondary Education in Kenya, Kenya Education Research Award, (sponsored by Rockefeller Foundation).
  5. Administrative Strategies on Commonwealth Africa. The Commonwealth Foundation.
  6. Women in Educational Management, Comprehensive Education Sector Analysis. UNICEF and government of Kenya Project.
  7. Strengthening of Primary Education Phase II (Ministry of Education Project Funded by DFID of Britain) Consultant Researcher.
  8. Teacher Management and Development in Kenya Project being sponsored by the Commonwealth Foundation.


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  1. Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Educational Management and Policy Programme which was coordinated by Eureka Educational and Training Consultants and sponsored by Africa America Institute and Virginia Institute of Technology – USA.
  2. Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of Parent Teacher Association Programme which was coordinated and by Eureka Educational and Training Consultants and sponsored by Africa America Institute and Florida A & M University – USA.
  3. Development and implementation of Training Modules for Inspectors in African member states of the Commonwealth, sponsored by the Commonwealth Secretariat. Development and implementation Training head Teachers for Primary and Secondary Schools in the Republic of Cameroon, sponsored by the Cameroon Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat.
  4. Integration of Education Systems into one National System, a project jointly sponsored by the Government of Namibia and UNICEF.
  5. Strengthening Primary Education, a project jointly sponsored by the Government of Kenya and Britain.
  6. Primary School Management, a project jointly sponsored by the Government of Kenya and Britain.
  7. Senior Consultant: Association of Education Development Primary Teacher Improvement Programme. Sponsored by the Government of Kenya and USAID.
  8. Coordinator Teacher Mentoring and school Improvement Programme sponsored by the Government of Kenya, CIDA and Aga Khan Foundation.
  9. Coordinator Kenyatta University and Braeburn College Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Philosophy in International Teacher Education.
  10. Lead Consultant, Module Development in the Basic Evaluation Professional Development Project Managed by the Kenya Educational Staff Institute and Research Triangle Institute US. Sponsored by the Kenya Government and USAID.