Title/ Qualifications: Dip.Ed, BEd, MEd. MSc P.G. Dip.(Behvioral Science), JFRF, (PhD)
Position: Lecturer 
Department: Early Childhood Studies
Contact Address: Kenyatta University
Email Address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Current Research Study
 Child and Adolescent Clinical psychology (Characteristics of a Healthy Personality)
[Post-doctoral research study (Continuing in Kenya for the next three year-up to 2018.)]
Related Activities to Current Research Study:
 Study on Psychosocial Factors Negatively Affecting Nurturing Healthy Personality in Children
 Counseling and Psychotherapeutic practices in Kenyan Communities
 Dealing with Stressful situations and Stress Management among the Communities
especially the youth especially (the disadvantaged young persons).
 Assisting in Language Development in Children with psychiatric disorders for social

Lecture Subjects:
 Research Methods in Child and Family Studies
 Basics of Learning and teaching science and mathematical concepts in early childhood.
 Behavior Disorders and their identification in Children.
 Identification and intervention of special needs in young children ( birth to 12 years)
 Guidance and Counseling (especially to children and young persons)
 Child and Family studies
 Adolescent and Adult Psychology
 Mathematical and Behavioral Statistics
 Educational and Psychological Statistics
 Japanese Language and Culture
Other Lecture Areas Handled Earlier
 Family and Child Counseling
 Educational and Child Psychology
 Developmental Psychology
 Mathematics and Statistics

Specialization and Related Services Provision to Community
 Educational Guidance and Counseling services
 Career and Psychological Counseling services
 Clinical Child and Adolescent counseling and referrals services

Research Papers, Monographs and Newspaper Reports

  • (i) Language as a important means of helping children form and develop Scientific and Mathematical concepts. (Aug.2015 a Monograph to ECDE Teacher trainers and trainees-Nyeri &East Laikipia Dicece)
  • (ii) Children’s stress in Learning due to teachers’ mixing English and Kiswahili in content delivery in classrooms. (April 2015, a Monograph to ECDE teacher trainee- Mwea-Zone of Kirirnyaga County)
  • (iii) Comparison of Psycho-social Factors affecting Item Response in a mathematics class in Kenyan and Japanese School (Elementary Grade 3, 4 &5) 2011
  • iv) A Study of the Concept of Fostering a Healthy Personality in Children (2007 Monograph)
  • (v) A Study of Self-Actualizing Person and Behavioral Modification (2004 Monograph)
  • (vi) A Study of Self-Concept as an Indicator of Personal Construct (2003Monograph)
  • (vii) Thinking about Children’s Future. [Forming Desirable Behavior in a Child] (2000-Newspaper Report)
  • (viii) Insufficient Research in Kenya’s Early Childhood Educational Practices (1999 Monograph)
  • (ix) Communication Disorders in Early Childhood and Adolescence Stages (1998 Monograph)
  • (x) Adolescents and the Urge to Experiment (To High School Students) (1998 Monograph)
  • (xi) Examinations Examined for Further Education Placement. (Relevance of K.C.S.E. as Tool for Higher Educational Placement) (1998 Monograph)
  • (xi) Kenyatta University as Ideal Institution for Early Childhood studies In Multiethnic Society, (A Necessity for Future of Kenya Nation). (1997Monograph)
  • (xii) Language Development for Effective Child Socialization (1996 Monograph)
  • (xiii) Effective Curbing of Strikes in Secondary School through Counseling (1995 Monograph)
  • (xiv) Early Childhood Education and Adolescents’ Disruptive Behavior (1995 Monograph)
  • (xv) Strengthening Primary Education as a Socio-Economic National Power (1993 Monograph)