Dr. Rachel W. Kamau-Kangethe


Position:Senior Lecturer
Department: Early Childhood Studies
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100 Nairobi – Kenya

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  1. July 2016: “Jiggers Detrimental to Pupils Outdoor Play Activities”: (ASSRJ NEW ISSUE PUBLISHED (Vol13 issue7 July 2016)
    Beatrice Makena, Dr. Rachel W Kamau Kang’ethe

  2. August, 2014: Mother Tongue Policy Implementation and Language of Instruction Practices in Lower Primary School Classes. A Case of Nyeri County, Kenya. Paper to be published in the conference Proceedings.

  3. July 2014: Gifted and Juvenile delinquency: a case of Selected Rehabilitation Schools of Kenya. Journal of Special Needs and Disabilities (ISSN: 2305-2619).

  4. July 2014: Preferred Methods of Teaching Reading in Early Childhood Classes in Dagoretti and Westlands Divisions in Nairobi County, Kenya. Journal of Special Needs and Disabilities Studies (ISSN: 2305- 2619).

  5. November, 2013: Early Identification of Learning Disabilities among Standard Three Pupils of Public Schools in Butere District, Kenya. Journal of Guidance, Counselling and Psychology. (ISSN2226-O552).

  6. January 2013: Individualized Educational Programme for Children in Special Circumstances: A Study of Kajiado District, Kenya; Published on 10th July 2013 Under 10th Annual Hawaii Scrid Early Childhood Education by Abubakar Gafar (Letter of invitation attached. Hand copy to be presented later).

  7. 2012: Wrote the Preface of NURTURING THE FUTURE: Educating Kenya’s Gifted and Talented (GYST) (I AM ALSO ONE OF THE TRUSTEES).

  8. 2011 March: Mystery of the Gifted and Talented: Gifted and Talented Magazine: (Issue No: One/2011).

  9. 2006 “Knowledge and Attitudes towards HIV¬/AIDS among Adolescents and Teachers in Starehe Division: Nairobi Province”. Sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and supervised by Kenyatta University. This was done with my Maters student Students Margaret Wangui Mugi, and Dr, Josephine Gitome of the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Kenyatta University.

  10. 2004: - “Inclusive Education: The Teaching of Signing Exact English to the Hearing Impaired Children,” A Paper presented at an International
    Conference on Inclusive Education Organized by Maseno University, Department of Special Needs Education in 2002, Published in the British Journal of Special Education in 2004.

  11. 2003: -Working together for Inclusion: A Paternership Scheme between South and North by Martin Rouse and Rachel Kang’ethe, Published in a South African Journal: Perspectives in Education, Vol. 21(3), September 2003.

  12. 2001: - The Inclusion of Neuropsychological Assessment Test (NEPSY) in School Based Assessment of Children with Special Needs in Kenya: paper presented during the 19th Annual Conference of the Association for Educational Assessment in Africa (AEAA), September 24-28 in Nairobi, Kenya. ((Submitted to Kenyatta University Educational Journal for Publication ).

 Seminars/Conference Papers

  1. August 2014: Attended The International Conference on African Languages and Literatures in the 21st Century as one of the committee member organizing it and as a presenter organized by Institute of African Studies: Kenyatta University.
  2. 2012 ; 10th August: Attended the Prison Gifted and Talented Presentations at Industrial Area Prisons Nairobi. (Attendance Certificate)
  3. 10th February, 2012; Attended the Launching of an Enrichment Programme on Gifted and Talented Young Persons in Kenya Parent’s forum at Visa Oshwal Primary School, Westlands, Nairobi County, Kenya.
  4. 26TH-27TH October 2011: Facilitated An Orientation of Gifted and Talented Workshop for Teachers at Aga Khan Mombasa Academy in Mombasa, Kenya.
  5. 12th to 14th October 2010: Attended co-operative Bank Training on FOSA MANAGEMENT COURSE
  6. 27TH TO 30TH JULY, 2010: Attended the National conference on “Laying the Fundation for Unlocking the Potentials of the gifted and Talent Young Persons in Kenya, at Kenyatta University. “ (Lead Organiser of the conference)
  7. 2010 May, 27th - 28th. Attended the Kenya Education Staff Institute (KESI). National conference on “Innovations in Education Management” at Kenyatta International Conference Center (I was appointed in the Committee to coordinate Early childhood and Special Needs Education) .
  8. 2010 Februrary, 25th to 29th February: Attended an Internal Edulink Seminar on Learning Disabilities and presented two papers with my Masters Students. We are preparing the papers for Publication.
  9. 1998: -Kenya Society for the Blind Seminars:
  10. Papers Presented
  11. (a) Teaching children with Low Vision
  12. (b) Management of learning environment where the learner is Visually Impaired.
  13. (c) Accessing Visually Impaired Pupils into the General/Regular Curriculum.
  14. 1997: -British Council: Seminar for Librarians:
  15. Topic "Barrier Free Issues in Library Services." For the Visually Impaired Children.
  16. 1997: -Kenya Society for the Blind Seminar for parents, Pediatric Nurses/Social workers/Community Development Officers.
  17. 1996 (a): -Kenya Society for the Deaf Children "National Survey on Deafness."
  18. 1996 (b): "Psychosocial Aspects of HIV/Aids Intervention: A Kenyan Perspective"
  19. Paper presented during the International Society for the Study of
  20. Behavioural Development (ISSBD) African Regional Workshop Held in Lusaka Zambia: 9-12 April, 1996.
  21. 1996 (c): "What is Special Education? Paper presented during the seminar for Creation of Awareness on the Education of the Visually Handicapped children for Senior Officers of Nairobi City Council.
  22. 1995 (a): World Bank study on "The Cost and Financing of Special Education in Kenya."
  23. 1995 (b): Resource Person on a seminar for Teaching Staff of Kagumo
  24. Diploma Teachers Training college on the Integration of the Visually Impaired students in the college. Sponsored by Kenya Society for the Blind.
  25. 1989-1994: Research in Baringo and Kibera through the National Capacity Building Child Survival and Development Project (NCB/CSD) sponsored by UNICEF. I have co-authored two papers with other researchers namely:
  26. (i) Children with Learning Difficulties in Baringo District.
  27. (ii) School Wastage and Dropout.
  28. - The above two papers were published in the proceedings of the Fourth African Universities Consortium held in October 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya.
  29. 1994: -"Community Participatory Research: A Case of Kibera." The paper was published in the proceedings of the Fourth African Universities Consortium held in October 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya. Sponsored by UNICEF.
  30. 1992: -"Creativity: Identification and Development of Creativity in Kenya: A Case Study of Professor James Kirumbi Kimani.
  31. A paper presented during the Second Eastern African Regional Conference for the Gifted and Talented held at the Kenya Institute of Special Education in August 1992, entitled
  32. 1992: -Presented a paper during the "Children with Special Need's Seminar held at Kenyatta University in June 1991 on "Educational Programmes and Programming for the Gifted and Talented Children."
  33. 1991: - "A Critical Analysis on Literature Review in Gender Differences in Intellectual Development, Functioning and Achievement".
  34. Presented a paper during the Fifth Annual Seminar of the Department of Educational Psychology entitled
  35. 1991: - "Curriculum Guidelines for Training Teachers for the Gifted and Talented." Presented a paper during the First Eastern African Regional Conference for the Gifted and Talented Children held at Moi University Chepkolele Campus entitled. (Submitted to Kenyatta University Educational Journal for Publication)
  36. 1990: - “The Adaptation of the Parents Outreach Programme - Canada to the Kenyan Situation. Presented a paper with Dr. Malcolm Garber from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) Canada.
  37. 1989-1991: -Research on the "State of Special Education in Kenya". Sponsored by DANIDA - paper presented during children with special Needs Seminar held at Kenyatta University.

Consultancies and Research Activities

  1. 2014: External Evaluator: University of Rwanda: Diploma in Early Childhood Education
  2. 2012 ; 10th August:Attended the Prison Gifted and Talented Presentations at Industrial Area Prisons Nairobi. (Attendance Certificate)
  3. 2012 Janaury: UNICEF consultancy on documentation and Review of the Talent Academy Project
  4. 2009 September: UNESCO consultancy on the Training of Schools Inspectors in Rwanda
  5. 2006: Was one of the Lead Researchers in a collaborative Research between Kenyatta University and some Commonwealth Universities from Britain, West Africa, India and Pakistan on Education and Poverty Eradication. (My main emphasis was on Disability, Poverty Education).
  6. 2006 March “Knowledge and Attitudes towards HIV/AIDS among Adolescents and Teachers in Starehe Division: Nairobi Province”. Sponsored by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and supervised by Kenyatta University.
  7. 2006: 18th February to 4th March. Consultant with International Aids Sweden on training of Teachers in Somaliland.
  8. 2005 July Consultant in a collaborative research project between GTZ, Ministry of Home Affairs Children’s Department and Kenyatta University, School of Education, Department of Special Education on: “Juvenile Justice and Management of Child Offenders in Kenya: An Annotated Bibliography of Research 1958-2005”. The Research has already been published.
  9. 2005 May Two weeks Consultancy in Somaliland: Training Primary school Teachers
  10. 2003- December - Co-ordinated the writing of a Primary Teacher Education Syllabus for International Aids Sweden (IAS): Integrated Education & Development Programme to be implemented in Somaliland.
  11. 2001-2002: - Consultant in Special Needs Education with International Aids Sweden (IAS) in Hargeisa, Somaliland - Undertook Programme Evaluation which enabled them to get funding from European Union (EU) for a period of five years.
  12. 2000: -Participated in the Review of Maseno University Bachelor of Special Education Degree Programme.
  13. 2000: - Evaluation of Kericho Integrated Programme for the Visually
    Impaired Children sponsored by Sight Savers (SSI) International of Britain.
  14. 1999: - "Provision of Educational Progammes for the Gifted and Talented in Kenya" Paper Presented to the Koech Commission of Inquiry into the System of Education in Kenya.
  15. 1997: - Evaluation of Integrated Programmes for the Visually Impaired (Embu and Baringo): Sponsored by Sight Savers international (SSI) of Britain.
  16. 1996-1997: - Kenya Society for the Deaf Children. ”A National the Survey of Deafness in Kenya."
  17. 1995: - World Bank Study on "The Cost and Financing of Special Education in Kenya."
  18. 1992-1993: - International Labour Organisation (ILO) Kenyan Project on "Employment of Persons with Disabilities", Training of Village Polytechnic Managers and Instructors on how to integrate persons with Disabilities.


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