Prof. Fatuma N Chege


NAME: Fatuma n. Chege (PhD)
Educational Foundations
Kenyatta University P.O. Box 43844-00100, Nairobi, KENYA
Associate Professor
Gender & Education
Gender issues in Education, Children’s safety and Security in schools and homes, HIV/AIDS and Education, Life Skills Education, Education, Poverty & Well-being, Interdisciplinary Issues, International Cooperation in Education.
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Publication & Research


  • Claudia Mitchell, Fatuma Chege, Lucy Maina, Margot Rothman. Beyond engagement in working with children in eight Nairobi slums to address safety, security and housing: Digital tools for policy and community dialogue Global Public Health - An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice Columbia University. Global Public Health, 2016 Vol. 11, Nos. 5–6, 521–527

  • Fatuma Chege & Francis Likoye. Education for all? Parents’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of the Process of schoolboys Becoming Men in Kirinyaga and Nairobi Counties, Kenya Journal of International Cooperation in Education, Vol. 17, No.2 Hiroshima University

  • Fatuma Chege, Claudia Mitchell, Lucy Maina, Margot Rotham ‘A Safe House? Girls’ Drawings on Safety and Security in Slums in and Around Nairobi’ Girlhood Studies, An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2014;130-135 ISSN 1938-8209 - Canada

  • Fatuma Chege & Francis Likoye. Education for all? Parents‟ and Teachers‟ Perceptions of the Process of schoolboys Becoming Men in Kirinyaga and Nairobi Counties, Kenya Journal of International Cooperation in Education, Vol. 17, No.2 Hiroshima University (forthcoming)

  • 2014 Fatuma Chege, Claudia Mitchell, Lucy Maina, Margot Rotham „A Safe House? Girls‟ Drawings on Safety and Security in Slums in and Around Nairobi‟ Girlhood Studies, An Interdisciplinary Journal, Vol. 7, No. 2, 2014;130-135 ISSN 1938-8209 - Canada

  • 2014 With PhD Student Rubai Mandela &Fatuma Chege “Religious Pluralism, Conflict and HIV/Aids Education in Refugee-Affected Regions of North-Western Kenya” Journal of Education and Practice ISSN 2222-1735 (Paper) ISSN 2222-288X (Online – International) Vol.5, No.21, 2014:11-22

  • 2014 With Masters Students Sera Wanja, Michael Njoroge & Fatuma Chege Braille Competency Among Blind Learners: Materials and Teacher Factors in Thika and Meru, Kenya Journal of Special Needs and Disabilities Studies, Vol.1, No1, 2014:5-13; ISSN: 2305-2619 Nairobi

  • 2013 With Masters Student Josephine Orangah, John Mugo & Fatuma Chege Success Among Blind Students In Kenya: The Case of Kenyatta University Felishina Mumbi Kagume, John Mugo & Fatuma Chege Poor, Disabled and Unemployed: Linking Education to Labour Market Outcomes for Persons with Physical Disabilities in Nyeri, Kenya Journal of Special Needs and Disabilities Studies, Vol 1, No2, 2014: 77-88; ISSN: 2305-2619 Nairobi Journal of Special Needs and Disabilities Studies, Vol 1, No2, 2014: 101-111; ISSN: 2305-2619 Nairobi
    With professional colleagues

  • 2013 Chege Fatuma & Madeleine Arnot, “The Gender-Education-Poverty Nexus: Kenyan Youth‟s Perspectives on Being Young, Gendered and Poor” Journal of Comparative Education, United Kingdom Vol. 48, No. 2, May 2012, 195–209

  • 2012 Arnot, Madeleine; Chege, Fatuma N.; Wawire, Violet, „Gendered constructions of citizenship: young Kenyans‟ negotiations of rights discourses Comparative Education Vol. 48, No. 1, February 2012, 87–102, (Taylor & Francis) United Kingdom

  • 2011 Wainaina, Paul K.; Arnot, Madeleine & Chege, Fatuma, „Developing Ethical and Democratic Citizens in a Post-Colonial Context: Citizenship Education in Kenya‟,Journal of Educational Research, Vol.53, No.2, 2011; p.179 -192 United Kingdom

  • 2009 Ruto Sara, Chege Fatuma & Wawire Violet (2009), Kenya‟s HIV/AIDS Education Sector Policy: Implications for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children and the Teaching of HIV/AIDS Education Journal of International Cooperation in Education, Hiroshima University

  • 2007 Chege Fatuma (2007), Education and Empowerment of Girls against Gender-based Violence Journal of International Cooperation in Education, Hiroshima University

  • 2006 Chege Fatuma (2006), Teachers‟ Gendered Identities, Pedagogy and HIV/AIDS Education in African Settings Journal of Education, Number 38, 2006 -ISBN 0259-479X, University of Kwa Zulu Natal, S. Africa

  • 2005 Chege Fatuma, Leach Fiona, Stromquist, Nelly P (2005), Gender and Education For All: the leap to equality: Review Symposium for The EFA Global Monitoring Report UNESCO, 2003/4 British Journal of Sociology of Education, Vol. 26, No. 5, November 2005, pp 673–682, Paris, UNESCO

  • 2003 Chege Fatuma (August 2003) Constructing Femininities and Masculinities within the Framework of Domestic Labour: The Experience of Kenyan Schoolchildren Journal of Educational Focus, Vol. 4, Lagos, Nigeria

  • 2003 Pattman Rob & Chege Fatuma (October 2003) Dear Diary, I saw an Angel…: Sex Talk and Sex Education (with Rob Pattman)
    African Journal of AIDS Research, 2003, 2(2): 99–108, South Africa

  • 1995 Chege Fatuma (1995) „Strategic Gender Needs: A Challenge to Education in Kenya‟. Basic Education Forum, Vol. 6, Sept. 1995, Nairobi.

  • 1994 Chege Fatuma (1994) „Equity & the Principle of Fair Play in University Education‟.Basic Education Forum, Vol. 4, Jan. 1994, Nairobi.

Conference Procedings

  • 2017 Fatuma Chege, Hellen Guantai & John Ndiritu: From content printouts modules to enhanced online interactivity: Exploring Kenyatta University Students’ Experiences of Transformations in Digital Learning Forthcoming in Education Learning & Lifelong Learning. Proceedings Volume 4, No.1, 2017

  • Hellen Guantai, Fatuma Chege & George Onyango: Exclusive Girls Clubs: Networking As Hindrance To Inclusivity In The Management Of Secondary Schools In Selected Counties, Kenya Education Learning & Lifelong Learning. Conference Proceedings Volume 3, No.1, 2016

  • 2015 Hellen Guantai, George Onyango, & Fatuma Chege: Gender and Women in Leadership in Selected Kenyan Counties: Mentoring a Critical Influence of Female obility in Secondary School Management Education Learning & Lifelong Learning. Conference Proceedings Volume 1, No.1, 2015

  • 2015 Fatuma Chege and Francis Likoye: Perceptions of parents and teachers on constructions masculinities among primary schoolboys Kirinyaga and Nairobi counties (presented at the 1st Annual Conference on Education & Lifelong Learning, KUCC, Nairobi) Post 2015 Development Agenda on Education: Conference Proceedings Volume 1, No.1, 2015

  • 2013 Fatuma Chege, Francis Likoye, Salome Nyambura, & Hellen Guantai (2013). Declining Boys’ Participation and Performance in Kenyan Schools: are Girls’ Education Projects Influencing New Forms of Masculinities? CICE Research Paper Series No. 5, Hiroshima University, Japan


  • 2016 “Gendered Constructions of Citizenship: Young Kenyans’ Negotiations of Rights Discourse. In Madeleine Arnot & Sharlene Gale Swartz (eds) Routledge Tylor & Francis Group: London & New York

  • 2014 “Respectful Overcoming: An Interview with Dr. Fatuma Chege”. Fatuma Chege, Zhanna Barchuk, and Mary Jane Harkins pp68-80. In Eds. Mary Jane Harkins & Zhanna Barchuk. International Conversations of Teacher Educators Teaching and Learning in Global World
    © Faculty of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University, 2014 (ISBN 978-1-895306-75-0)

  • 2012 Arnot Madeleine, Leslie Casely-Haford and Chege Fatuma “Schooling, Rights and Urban Poverty: young people‟s narratives of citizenship in two sub- Saharan cities” (in Colclough Christopher, Ed. Education Outcomes and Poverty in the South: A Reassessment)
    Routledge –Taylor‟s & Francis Group; USA & Canada

  • 2008 Chege Fatuma (2008). Researching Gender: Explorations into Sexuality and HIV/AIDS in African Contexts. In Fennel S., & Arnot M (Eds). Gender Education and Equality in a Global Context: Conceptual Frameworks and Policy Perspectives Routledge, USA & Canada ISBN10: 0-415-41944-1 (hbk). publications/ FennellandArnotBook08.pdf

  • 2008 Chege, Fatuma (2008). Teachers‟ gendered identities, pedagogy and HIV/AIDS in African settings within ESAR,I n Anbanithi Muthukrishna (Ed.) Educating for Social justice and Inclusion in an African Context: Pathways and Transitions Nova Science Publishers, South Africa ISBN: 9781604566673 ISBN: 1604566671

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    Jomo Kenyatta Foundation, Nairobi, ISBN 1966-22504-8

  • 2006 Brown Kevin, Chege Fatuma (2006) Dowdney, Fyfe et. al. contributing authors –The United Nations Secretary General‟s World Report on Violence against Children United Nations, HQs ISBN-10 92-95057-51-1

  • 2006 Chege Fatuma & Karega Regina (2007.) Domesticating EFA Goals: Policy and Decision Making Processes among Education Partners in Kenya, In Yamada Shoko et al (ed), The Local Meanings of Adopting EFA Development Goals in Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Japan Curriculum Vitae: Fatuma N Chege (Ph.D.)-REF: KU/1/09 13

  • 2006 Chege Fatuma (2006). „”He put his hands between girls‟ thighs‟: the role of student teachers‟ memories in addressing gender violence‟, in Fiona Leach & Claudia Mitchell (eds.) Combating Gender Violence in and around Schools Trentham Books, UK ISBN-10: 85856 888 7

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  • 1997 Chege Fatuma (1997), „With Our Eyes, In Our Own Voices‟: „Interactive Role- Play and Report on Sexual Harassment
    FAWE & WERK, Nairobi.

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