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Name: Dr. Teresa Bitengo Mwoma
 Early Childhood Studies
Contact Address:
 P.O. Box 43844, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Position: Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Early childhood development, care and education; policy, monitoring and evaluation.

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Research Interests:
Care for young children, early childhood education, Community and family involvement in children’s development and learning, girl child education, fathers’ involvement in children’s development and education. Children’s learning assessment, Stakeholders in early childhood, orphans and vulnerable children.


Referred Journals

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Books and Book Chapters

  • -    Mwoma, T. (2015). Fathering in Kenya. In J.L. Roopnarine (ed.) Fathers across cultures: The importance, roles, and diverse practices of dads. 978-L-4408-3231-4.
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  • -     Mwoma, T. (2010). Father involvement in children’s Education. 978-639-25114-2.

Student Co-authored Publications

  •  Rono, J.K., Mwoma, T., & Begi, N., (2020). Strategies used in the teaching of Mathematics: An implication of Grade Three Pupils' acquisition of early learning Mathematics competencies. European Journal of Education Studies. 7 (6) 247-258.
  • Muronga, H., Mwoma, T. & Ong’ang’a, H. (2020). Teenage mothers' involvement in their children's acquisition of pre-literacy skills: A case of Kilifi County Kenya . European Journal of Education Studies. 7 (3) 298-317.
  • Mwansaidi, M., Kamau-Kang’ethe, R. & Mwoma, T. (2020). Influence of resources and ECDE officers’knowledge on delivery of quality services by early childhood education officers in Kwale County, Kenya. Journal of Education, Culture and Arts. 2 (10) 235-250.
  • Mwansaidi, M., Kamau-Kang’ethe, R. & Mwoma, T. (2020). Capacity building for parents and parents’ knowledge on importance of play materials on delivery of quality services by early childhood education officers in Kwale County, Kenya. Journal of Education, Culture and Arts. 2 (10) 235-250.
  • Owino, C., Kamau-Kangethe, R. & Mwoma, T. (2019). Determinants of teachers’ preparedness towards implementation of inclusive education in lower grade primary schools in Awendo Migori Kenya. International Journal of Creative Research and Studies 3 (9) 15-27
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  • Ruto, J. and Mwoma, T. (2013). Trends in Preschool enrolment and Retention in Eldama Ravine Division Baringo County Kenya. Prime Journal of Social Sciences.

Other Publications

Conference/Workshops/Seminar Papers

  • February 2020: Presented a paper in a seminar organized by University of Agder Norway focusing on: Safety and security for preschool children in informal settlements in Nairobi.
  • 2019 December: Participated in the Global Refugee Forum as a Panellist in the launch of the Global Academic Interdisciplinary Network, held in Geneva Switzerland.
  •  2019 October: Facilitated the advocacy workshop for national coordinators of early childhood Networks from 14 African countries held in Nairobi Karen Kenya. My facilitation focused on the ECD Network for Kenya: Successes, challenges and interventions.
  • 2017 June:Facilitated a capacity building workshop for researchers on data collection, cleaning analysis and report writing for a study funded by Aga Khan Foundation East Africa.
  • 2017 March:Facilitated a capacity building workshop for research assistants on data collection, cleaning analysis and report writing for a study funded by Feed the Children Kenya.
  •  2016 March:Facilitated a capacity building workshop for research assistants on data collection, cleaning analysis and report writing for a study funded by Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor’s Research Grant.
  • 2015 July:Facilitated a capacity building workshop for research assistants on data collection, cleaning analysis and report writing for a study funded by World Vision Kenya.
  • 2015 April:Facilitated an ECD policy review workshop by presenting a paper on “Gaps in the Kenya Natiotional ECD Policy Framework “at Lukenya Gate Away Inn Machakos County Kenya”.
  •  2015 April:Facilitated a curriculum validation workshop on “Early childhood development and education County Capacity Building Programme “at Riara University Kenya.
  • 2013 December:Facilitated a workshop for County Executive Secretaries for Education and ICT, County Chairmen for Education from the 47 counties and the Senate Committee on Education on unbundling the devolved education function. Engaging on the ECD devolved function at Mombasa Continental Hotel. Contracted by State University of New York Kenya (SUNY).
  •  2013 November: Facilitated a workshop for the Mombasa County Education team on unbundling the devolved ECD functions at Swahili Beach Hotel Diani Mombasa. Contracted by SUNY.
  •  2013 November:Trained delegates from various NGOs from Malawi on learning assessment on children’s numeracy and literacy skills at Tydis Hotel Koibatek District Baringo County. Contracted by Twaweza East Africa
  •  2013 October:Trained a team of researchers on data collection techniques and processes for the Most Vulnerable Children Complete Free Primary Education at Sarvelberg Hotel Nairobi. Contracted by Women Education Researchers Kenya (WERK).
  • 2013 July:Trained a team of researchers and research assistants on data collection techniques and processes for the Girl Education Challenge at Sarvelberg hotel Nairobi. Contracted by WERK.
  • 2013 January:Trained volunteers on data collection and assessing children’s learning competencies. Contracted by Uwezo Kenya.
  • 2012 November:Trained trainers of trainers (TOT) on volunteer recruitment, training, data collection and national assessment on children’s numeracy and literacy skills. Contracted by Uwezo Kenya.
  •  2011 September: Trained research assistants on data collection methods; conducting a classroom observation, administering questionnaires and interviewing respondents. Contracted by WERK.
  • 2009 November: Facilitated a seminar for Managers and trainers of preschool teachers at Karen Christian College Nairobi on: “Managing Early Childhood Programmes and training certificate and diploma teachers in Early Childhood Education“.
  • 2009 October: Facilitated a seminar for early childhood teachers in Nairobi Province on “Children’s Development and Thematic Teaching at Preschool level “.
  • 2004 October: Facilitated a seminar for caregivers at St Peter’s Methodist Nursery in Langata Nairobi, on; Care and Stimulation of Children under three years.
  •  2006 August: Facilitated a workshop on material development for marginalized children of Kenya held in Machakos by EMACK.
  • 2006 June: Facilitated a workshop on material development for young children, to mothers of Mitumba slums Nairobi.
  •  2005 February: Facilitated a training workshop to trainers of trainers on; material development for hildren’s play; held in Bungoma District sponsored by DANIDA.

 Conference Papers

  •  2019 September: Presented a paper in the Pan Commonwealth Forum 9th-12th September 2019 in Edinburg University Scotland focusing on “Online, blended and distance learning for education in fragile contexts: The Borderless Higher Education for Refugees in Kenya”.
  •  2019 July:Organized and presided over the 3rd National ECD Stakeholders conference held in Mombasa Continental Resort focusing on “Promoting synergies: Inclusive approaches to early childhood development”
  •  2019 April:Presented research findings at a stakeholders’ workshop focusing on “incorporating care for child development into baby friendly community initiative. The workshop was organized by the MOH in collaboration with APHRC at Park Inn Redson Nairobi
  • 2019 March:Attended a Frontier’s of Development workshop focusing on “inclusive and wellbeing in the 1st 2000 days of life” Organized by the Royal Academy of Engineers at Welcome Genome Campus Cambridge UK.
  • 2018 November:Attended a workshop focusing on “The academic network on refugees, forced displacement and statelessness under the Global Compact on Refugees”. Organized by UNHCR at Geneva Switzerland.
  •  2018 October:Presented a paper in an International Conference focusing on “Reframing Early Childhood development in Kenya” and “Early childhood development network for Kenya: Progress and achievement”Organized by Africa Early Childhood Network at Safari Park Hotel Nairobi.
  • 2018 April:Presented a paper focusing on “Community perspectives on early childhood development in Kenya” in a conference organized by the Kenya Paediatricians at Pride Inn Paradise Mombasa.
  • 2018 April:Presented baseline research findings on “Building bright futures: Baseline survey on caregiving practices in informal settlement Nairobi City County” organized by Daraja Civic Initiatives at Nairobi Sarova Stanly Hotel.
  • 2018 March:Presented research findings in an international workshop focusing on “Reframing Early childhood development in Kenya” organized by Hilton Foundation and UNICEF at Windsor Hotel Nairobi
  • 2017 October:Presented research findings in an international conference focusing on “School safety: A challenge in preschools in informal settlements. Meeting the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged populations” organized by Aga Khan University Institute of Human Development at Dare Salam Tanzania.
  •  2017 September:Presented a paper on “Status and progress of Early Childhood Development Network for Kenya” Organized by Africa Early Childhood Development at Arusha Tanzania.
  •  2017 May:Disseminated research findings in a stakeholders’ workshop focusing on “Safety and security measures in preschools in informal settlements: A case of Nairobi City County” organized courtesy of the Vice Chancellor’s Research Grant.
  • 2017 March:  Presented two papers in the 4th Early childhood summit focusing on “Safety and Security: A challenge in preschools in informal settlements” and “Early Childhood Development: A foundation for human and economic development” Organized by CEBECE at Sai Rock Hotel Mombasa.
  • 2016 November:Presented a paper on “Nutrition and health: An implication on child brain development” a media training workshop organized by Theirworld in collaboration with KANCO held at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel Nairobi.
  • 2016 November:Made a presentation in a Media training on “Nutrition and health: An implication on child brain development” organized by TheirWorld and KANCO at Southern Sun MayFair Nairobi.
  • 2016 October:Key note speech focusing on “Early Childhood Network for Kenya: A basis for multi-sector collaboration” at a national ECD stakeholders’ conference organized by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the ECD Network for Kenya held at KICD Nairobi.
  •  2016 September:Presented a paper on “Networking and partnership in ECD” at a national conference organized by Ministry of Education in collaboration with UNICEF Kenya held in Tom Mboya Labour college Kisumu
  • 2016 June:Presented papers on “Importance of early childhood development” “Networking in early childhood” and “Stakeholders in early childhood care, education and development” at an East Africa ECD Forum organized by the Global Fund for Children held at Monarch Hotel Nairobi.
  • 2016 May:Presented papers on “Achieving equitable quality education Post-2015: Indicators to measure towards learning and equity in Kenya” “Early childhood devolved functions: A gap in policy and challenges experienced in implementation in Kenya” at the 3rd annual early childhood education summit organized by Competency Building Society of Early Childhood Education for Kenya held in Jumuia Hotel Kisumu.
  • 2015 May:Presented a paper at KDSA National Conference on Early Childhood devolved functions: Gaps in policy and challenges experienced in implementation” at Kenyatta University Kenya.
  • 2015 May:Presented a paper on “The Kenya Early Childhood Development Network“at Holday Inn, Rosebank South Africa.
  • 2013 November:Presented a paper on “occupation an important factor on fathers ‘support for their children’s education “at an international conference on reconceptualizing early childhood education held at Kenyatta University from 3rd to 7th November 2013
  • 2013 October: Presented a apaper on “A review of documented literature on adolescents with parenting responsibilities “at a Pan African Conference held at Mangoch Hotel Malawi from 16th to 18th October 2013.
  • 2012 November:Facilitated the Uwezo Kenya National Conference for trainers of trainers at Cool Rivers Hotel Nakuru.
  •  2012 October:Presented a paper on Multigrade, Multishift and Mobile schooling in Kenya at a stakeholder’s conference in Nairobi.
  • 2012 August:Presented a paper on Integrating Early childhood Development in Siaya County at a stakeholders‘conference at the VIC Hotel Kisumu
  •   2011 November:Presented a paper on learning outcomes: A classroom observation in Loitoktok Kjiado County.
  • 2011 November:Attended the Uwezo trainers of trainers’ conference at Kakamega.
  • 2010 July:Attended a conference on Status of Knowledge on Gifted and Talented persons held Nairobi Kenya
  • 2010 May: Attended a conference on Innovations in education Management at Nairobi Kenya.
  • 2010 April: Attended a conference on Intellectual social responsibility and fight against corruption in Kenya.
  • 2008 October: Attended the East Africa forum for Early Childhood Development organised and sponsored by UNESCO and Kenyatta University Early Childhood Studies Department.
  • 2005 May: Attended a DAAD conference on RE-invigorating the University Mandate in a Globalizing Environment: Challenges, Obstacles and way forward.
  • 2005 March: Represented the vice chancellor in an international conference at Waldorf International School Nairobi on; The Child of today the World of tomorrow.
  • 2005 March: Attended an international conference in Nairobi University on; Across Borders: Benefiting from Cultural Differences.
  • 2004 October: Attended a conference on: Universities in collaboration with the community on enhancing a working nation. Held at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Nairobi Kenya.
  • 2004 July: Master of ceremony in the international conference on: ‘Enhancing Literacy in Child
  • Development’ held at Kenyatta University Nairobi Kenya.


  • -      2020 February: Co-Principal investigator in Caring practices and Support for Early childhood development and learning among nomadic Pastoralists – informing the development of A Support System to foster optimal early child development in Kenya (CASE PASS study). Funded by the British Academy.
  • -     2019 July to September: Principal Investigator in a feasibility study on establishing the Seychelles’ Institute of Early Childhood Development as a Category II Institute under the Auspice of UNESCO. Funded by UNESCO Regional Office of Eastern Africa.
  • -      2019 June to September:Principal investigator in a desk review on policies and legal frameworks on early childhood development care and education in Kenya. Funded by Uthabiti Africa.
  • -     2017-2019: Co-Principal Investigator in a study focusing on testing feasibility of incorporating baby friendly community initiative into early childhood development lead by APHRC in collaboration with Loughborough University and Kenyatta University funded by the British Academy.
  • -     2018 May – August: Co-Principal Investigator, in a baseline Survey led by Centre for Research and Innovation for East Africa, focusing on integrating child protection into early childhood development funded by Porticus.
  • -    2018 March –May: Principal Investigator in an end line evaluation survey focusing on building bright futures as a. Funded by Aga Khan Foundation East Africa.
  • -  2017 May to 2018 March:Co-Principal Investigator “Reframing early childhood development communication in Kenya”. Funded byUNICEF, Africa ECD Network and Frameworks Institute.
  • -   2017 July to October: Principal Investigator “Baseline survey on caregiving in daycares in informal settlement in Nairobi City County under Building Bright Futures project implemented by Daraja”. Funded by Aga Khan Foundation East Africa.
  • -    2017 March to October:Principal Investigator “Baseline survey, early childhood development and education in Kajiado County Kenya”. Funded by Feed the Children Kenya.
  • -      2016 January to June 2017:Principal Investigator “Landscaping the safety and security in preschools attached to non-formal schools as a strategy of promoting children’s health and wellbeing in school in Nairobi County Kenya”. Funded by the Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor’s research grant 2015/2016.
  • -      2015 July-August:Principal Investigator “Children’s participation in preschool education and their reading ability: A case of Narok County Kenya”. Funded by World Vision Kenya.
  •  2015 July-August:Facilitated training of trainers and regional training on national assessment on children’s learning competencies. Contracted by Twaweza East Africa.
  •   2015 May:Facilitated data collection tools validation workshop for Tayari Project. Contracted by African Population and Health Research (APHRC).
  • 2014 February:Lead the Education Task Force as the vice chair in conducting a baseline survey on “devolved education functions (early childhood Development and youth poly techniques) in Nyamira County Kenya”. My responsibilities included; conceptualizing the study, doing a desk review, developing tools for early childhood data collection, training data collectors, participating in data analysis, report writing and disseminating findings to the Governor of Nyamira County and other stakeholders.
  •  2013 November - January 2014:Conducted a baseline survey on the “most vulnerable children access and complete free primary education in Kenya for Concern Worldwide Kenya. The study was conducted in Marsabit and Nairobi Counties Kenya”. My role included; conceptualizing and designing the study by developing a funding proposal, conducting a desk review and developing data collection tools. The other roles included recruiting and inducting the research team.
  •  2013 June - 2014 January:Conducted a baseline survey on Girl Education Challenge in Kenya for CfBT. The study was conducted in 8 Counties in Kenya. My roles included participating in piloting tools, training the research team in Kwale County, and leading a research team for data collection in Nairobi County.
  • 2013 June - July:Principal Investigator “Policies, programs and services for adolescents with parenting responsibilities in selected countries in Africa” funded by Parenting in Africa Network (PAN). My work involved reviewing literature for 11 countries and writing a report for each country based on policies and legislations, psychosocial support and intervention programs available in each country for adolescents with parenting responsibilities. I also disseminated the findings in an international conference held in Malawi October 2013.
  •  2013 February - March:Participated in the “Uwezo Kenya National Assessment on children’s numeracy and literacy skills” process recheck and resurvey in Mombasa and Loitoktok districts respectively. In the process recheck my work involved visiting all households that were surveyed to ascertain whether the survey was conducted according to the Uwezo standards and whether all children aged 6-16 years were assessed on numeracy and literacy skills. There after I wrote a report for Uwezo for future planning. For resurvey, in a team of two we resurveyed all the twenty households that were surveyed to establish whether findings in the survey and resurvey were similar or different.
  •  2013 January - February:Training regional trainers and volunteers on data collection for the Uwezo 2013 National Assessment on children’s literacy and numeracy skills in Trans-Nzoia and Koibatek districts respectively.
  •  2012 November: Trained Uwezo National Trainers of Trainers (TOT) on how to train trainers for data collection. The training also focused on the use of training manuals.
  • 2012 June - August:Principal Investigator “Integrating Early Childhood Development for
  • HIV/AIDS OVCs in Siaya County”. Funded by PATH International. My work included conceptualizing and designing the study based on the TORs provided by PATH, reviewing documents on ECD/OVCs, developing data collection tools, recruiting and training research assistants, collecting data, organizing, coding and analysing data, report writing and disseminating findings to the stakeholders.
  •  2012 April - June:Co-Principal Investigator “Multi shift, Multi grade and Mobile schooling in Kenya” Funded by The Aga Khan Foundation. My work was to develop data collection tools, train research assistants, pilot instruments, interviewing key informants and overseeing data collection in Wajir East and Ijara districts. I also participated in data cleaning, organizing, report writing and disseminating findings to stakeholders.
  • 2012 February:Audited the “Uwezo Kenya National Assessment on children’s literacy and numeracy” as a researcher for Twaweza East Africa. My responsibilities included; auditing the volunteer training and data collection processes that commenced on 7th to 26th February 2012. The purpose of the audit was to establish whether the Uwezo set standards were followed in training of volunteers and data collection. The audit process took place in five districts in Kenya namely; Kaloleni, Mombasa, Kibwezi, Gatanga and Pokot North with an aim of assessing the adequacy and efficacy of the training process of trainers and volunteers. I also wrote the report on how the national assessment was carried out in Kenya.
  •   2012 January:Audited a “volunteer recruitment process for Uwezo Kenya”. The audit took place in three districts namely; Kakamega Central, Kisumu West and Kuria east. The main purpose was to assess the recruitment process, specifically on the Uwezo set criteria against the actual recruitment. My responsibilities were to assist the lead researcher in developing the data collection tools, collect data from the district coordinators, village elders and the volunteers. I also participated in the report writing.
  • 2011 September - October:Participated in a World Bank research project on “Classroom Observation” as a researcher. My responsibilities included; developing data collection tools, training research assistants, overseeing data collection at Loitokitok District, organizing and cleaning data, report writing and disseminating findings to the stake holders at the district level.