Dr. Teresa Bitengo Mwoma

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Name: Dr. Teresa Bitengo Mwoma
Early Childhood Studies
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya.
Position: Senior Lecturer
Area of Specialization: Early Childhood Education and Care, Children’s Literacy and Numeracy Assessment, Curriculum Development for Child Minders, orphans and vulnerable children, parent’s involvement in children’s education and development.

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Recent Publications

Conference Presentations

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Safety and security measures in preschools in informal settlements: A case of Nairobi City County BSSC Kenyatta University Nairobi Dissemination workshop for the Vice Chancellor’s 2015/2016 Research Grant 26th May 2017

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Safety and Security: A challenge in preschools in informal settlements Sai Rock Hotel Mombasa 4th Annual ECD Summit 13th -17th March 2017

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Early Childhood Development: A foundation for human and economic development Sai Rock Hotel Mombasa 4th Annual ECD Summit 13th -17th March 2017

  • Dr. Teresa mwoma Nutrition and health: An implication on child brain development Southern Sun MayFair Nairobi 22nd November 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Evolution of early childhood in Kenya: The need for an ECD Network Safari Park Hotel Nairobi 10th-12th November 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma ECD Network for Kenya KICD Nairobi 19th October 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Networking and Partnership in ECD Tom Mboya Labour College Kisumu 25th-27th September 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Analyzing qualitative data Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya 8th – 10th August 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma, Importance of early years of a child’s development, Networking in early childhood development, Stakeholders in early childhood care, education and development,Nairobi, Kenya 27th-30th June 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma, Early childhood devolved functions: A gap in policy and challenges experienced in implementation in Kenya, Post 2015 Policy global agenda: Early childhood as a foundation for sustainable development, Kisumu, Kenya 16th – 20th May 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Implementation of the National Early Childhood Policy 2006: Lessons Learned Pan Africa Hotel Nairobi 3rd March 2016

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Early Childhood devolved functions: Gaps in policy and challenges experienced in implementation Kenyatta University Nairobi County 28th-29th May 2015

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma,Tayari preschool programme tool validation workshop Safari Park Hotel Nairobi County, 25th-27th May 2015,

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma,Early Childhood devolved functions: Gaps in policy and challenges experienced in implementation, Kenyatta University Nairobi County, 28th-29th May 2015

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma,The Kenya Early Childhood Development Network. Holiday Inn RoseBank South Africa, 5th-6th May 2015,

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma,Gaps in the Natiotional ECD Policy Framework Lukenya Getaway Inn Machakos County, 24th-25th April 2015,

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma,Early childhood development and education County Capacity Building Programme, Riara University Nairobi County, 14th April 2015,

  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Review of ECD principles, policy coherence and design, and institutional programs for promoting positive outcomes Mombasa Kenya 3rd to 12th Novemebr 2013
  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Occupation an important factor in fathers’ involvement in children’s education Kenyatta University Kenya 3rd to 7th November 2013
  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Adolescents with parenting responsibilities: A regional review of documented literature on policies and programs Mangochi City, Malawi 16th to 17 th October 2013
  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Adolescents with parenting responsibilities in Kenya Nairobi Kenya 23rd August 2013
  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Situation analysis on multi grade, multi shift and mobile schooling in North Eastern and Coast Provinces Kenya Nairobi Kenya September 2012
  • Dr. Teresa Mwoma Situation analysis on integrating early childhood development services in Siaya County Kisumu Kenya 21st August 2012
  • Dr. Teresa Bitengo Mwoma Strategies used by Early Childhood Studies Department in Addressing Learning Disabilities among children
    Nairobi Kenya 25th -29th January 2010
  • DAAD Intellectual social responsibility and the fight against corruption in Kenya Nairobi Kenyatta University 15th-16th April 2010
  • National conference on Gifted and talented young persons in Kenya Nairobi Kenya 27th-30th July 2010

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News and Events


 Conference Dates: 5TH – 6TH OCTOBER, 2017 


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Dissemination of Research Findings 26th May

Dr. Teresa Mwoma of Department of Early Childhood Studies will be presenting her research findings from a study funded by the Vice Chancellor’s research grant 2015/2016. The study was focusing on safety and security in preschools in the informal settlement: A case of Nairobi City County. The study was conducted in Nairobi informal settlements. Findings from the study will be disseminated to stakeholders in early childhood as well as scholars in Kenyatta University on 26th May 2017 at Kenyatta University BSSC room 12 starting at 10.30 am. Preliminary findings from the study were presented in the 4th annual early childhood development and education summit held in Mombasa from 13th to 17th March 2017.

4th Academic Seminar

The School of Education is planning to hold its 4th Academic Seminar on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May 2017 at the College of Education & Lifelong Learning (Room 109) to provide space for awardees of the School's conference - related grants and time to share knowledge and experiences gained from their attendances locally and abroad.
The Seminar is designed to give opportunity to academic members of staff as well as young experienced researchers to model for our students and set good examples of how to engage in scholarly discourses. Our postgraduate students and their supervisors will have a forum to share their research work-in-progress from which they could get input for potential publications from their research by the time they are graduating.

The Guest Speaker will be Dr. Rhoda Gitonga who will address: Interactivity in Online Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.


The workshop has been structured to focus on specific research based processes and rigor, and is facilitated by....Click Here to Find out More

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Chairman, Early Childhood Studies

Collaborations & Resources

  • Early Childhood Development Network for Kenya (ECDNeK)

  • Africa Early Childhood Network (AfCEN)

  • Early Childhood Professionals Association Kenya (ECPAK)

Other International Links negotiations are going on.

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