Dr. Nelson Muchoki Karagu

Dr. Nelson Muchoki Karagu

Title/Qualifications: Dr. Ph.D
Educational Communication and Technology
Contact Address:
P.O. Box 43844 00100 Nairobi

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Conference Presentations

  • Participant, The Educational Administration Conference, Nairobi, August, 1973.
  • Participant, Kenya Teacher Education Workshop, Mombasa, November 26 – December 1, 1973.
  • Participant, In-Service Training of Educational Administrators and Specialists in Kenya, Nairobi, March, 1974.
  • Trainer, Seminar on Methods and Materials for Training Educational Administration in Developing Countries, Nairobi, December 9 – 11, 1985.
  • Participant, Workshop on Material Development for Primary Teacher Education, Mosoriot Teachers College, January, 3 – January 21, 1986.
  • Participant, Workshop on Material Development for Primary Teacher Education, Machakos Teachers College, August, 3 – August 21, 1986.
  • Participant, Workshop on Material Development for Primary Teacher Education, Shanzu Teachers College, Mombasa July 3 – July 24, 1987.
  • Participant, Workshop on Material Development for Primary Teacher Education, Mombasa, July 3 – July 23, 1988.
  • Participant, KUTERA Training Workshop (an IDRC research scheme), Nyeri, April 20 – April 23, 1988.
  • Participant, KUTERA Training Workshop, Meru, November 1 – November 4, 1988.
  • Participant, KUTERA Training Workshop Machakos, April 21, 1988.
  • Participant, National Human Resources Conference, Nairobi 22nd
    and 23rd October, 1993.
  • Participant, Sub-Regional Workshop on Institutional Management in Higher Education, Nairobi,14th – 29th March, 1996.
  • Participant, Higher Education Management Course, University of
    Oxford and University of Warwick, United Kingdom, 4th July – 24th
    July, 1999.
  • Participant, Financial Management of Higher Education Institutions Course sponsored by Harvard University and Galilee College in Israel, 18th January – 28th January, 2000.
  • Participant, The National Conference on Higher Education for Human Development in Kenya, Kenyatta University, 17th – 20th April, 2000.
  • Participant in Consultancy on Training and Capacity Building for Faculty of Education, University of Hergeisa, Somaliland, 8th June, - 26th June, 2006.


  • Karagu, N.M. “A Study of the Procedures of Educational Finance as practiced in Kenya and the United States” M.A. Ed. Thesis, Idaho State University, U.S.A., 1972.
  • Karagu, N.M. “School Administration and Discipline” paper presented at the Seminar for Primary School Headteachers and Assistant Education Officers of Thika Municipality, Thika, July, 1986.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Organization and Educational Administration” paper presented at the Commonwealth African Regional Training Course, Nairobi, 21st February, 1977.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Leadership in Educational Administration”, Paper presented at the Commonwealth African Regional Training Course, Nairobi, 21st February, 1977.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Wrote unit Two, “Curriculum in Changing Africa and Unit Three, “Financing Curriculum Implementation”, in Material for Postgraduate Diploma in Curriculum Development, Kenyatta University College, 1983.
  • Karagu, N.M. “A Study of Perceptions of Headmasters and Teachers Pertaining to the Role of the Secondary School Headmasters in Kenya”, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Nairobi, 1982.
  • Karagu, N.M. Wrote the following scripts for the Educational Media Service, Kenya Institute of Education for the In-Service training programme of primary school teachers in January, 1985:-
    i. Definition and Types of Discipline
    ii. The Headteacher and School Discipline
    iii. The Teachers Service Commission
    iv. The National Union of Teachers.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Discipline in the Classroom”, The Kenya Teacher No. 37, July, 1985.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Administration of the Training Department”, paper presented at the Trainers Workshop of the Kenya Institute of Management, Nairobi, October, 2, 1986.
  • Olembo, J.O. Wanga, P.E. and Karagu, N.M., Management in Education. Nairobi: Educational Research and Publications, 1992.
  • Karagu, N.M. “The Concept of Strategic Planning”, paper presented at Trainers Workshop on Strategic Planning with Reference to Educational Policy Formulation, “Implementation and Impact at Kenya Education Staff Institute, Nairobi, April 15, 1992.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Financial Management: Its Context and Role in attaining Goals”. A paper presented to the Workshop on Institutional Management in Higher Education for Eastern and Southern African Countries, 14th – 29th March, 1996 at Gigiri, Nairobi.
  • Karagu, N.M. Introduction to Educational Administration (1998) manuscript accepted in May 1998 for publication as a book by East African Educational Publishers Ltd.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Leadership and Management in Financial Issues at the University”. A paper presented at the Senior Staff Management Seminar held at Mombasa, 25th – 29th August, 1999.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Financial Management in the Academic Institutions: An Overview”. A paper presented at the Senior Staff Management Seminar held at Mombasa, 22nd – 26th August, 2000.
  • Karagu, N.M. “Training and Development Programme”. A paper Presented at the Senior Staff Management Seminar held at Mombasa, 20th –25th August, 2002.
  • Alan Maina, Karagu N. M., Lucy Maina, “Adaptations of Environmental Sound Practices of Industrial Parks in Kenya: Lessons from the Magana Industrial Park, Kenya” African Journal of Applied Human Sciences. Vol. 1, No. 2 2013 Issue.
  • Mwangi, S. M., Mugenda, O. M., and Karagu, N. M. “Potential for Positive Social Economic Transformation through Rural Industrialization: Evidence from the Magana Industrial Park in Kenya”, International Journal of Education and Research: Vol. 1 No. 8 August, 2013

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News and Events


 Conference Dates: 5TH – 6TH OCTOBER, 2017 


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Dissemination of Research Findings 26th May

Dr. Teresa Mwoma of Department of Early Childhood Studies will be presenting her research findings from a study funded by the Vice Chancellor’s research grant 2015/2016. The study was focusing on safety and security in preschools in the informal settlement: A case of Nairobi City County. The study was conducted in Nairobi informal settlements. Findings from the study will be disseminated to stakeholders in early childhood as well as scholars in Kenyatta University on 26th May 2017 at Kenyatta University BSSC room 12 starting at 10.30 am. Preliminary findings from the study were presented in the 4th annual early childhood development and education summit held in Mombasa from 13th to 17th March 2017.

4th Academic Seminar

The School of Education is planning to hold its 4th Academic Seminar on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th May 2017 at the College of Education & Lifelong Learning (Room 109) to provide space for awardees of the School's conference - related grants and time to share knowledge and experiences gained from their attendances locally and abroad.
The Seminar is designed to give opportunity to academic members of staff as well as young experienced researchers to model for our students and set good examples of how to engage in scholarly discourses. Our postgraduate students and their supervisors will have a forum to share their research work-in-progress from which they could get input for potential publications from their research by the time they are graduating.

The Guest Speaker will be Dr. Rhoda Gitonga who will address: Interactivity in Online Teaching & Learning in Higher Education.


The workshop has been structured to focus on specific research based processes and rigor, and is facilitated by....Click Here to Find out More

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