Educational Trip to Rwanda

The Vice-Chancellor Professor Olive Mugenda Jointly with brothers of Charity Rwanda facilitated 17 post-graduate students together with their lecturers namely Dr. Mary Runo, head of department of Special Needs Education, Professor Geoffrey Karugu and Dr. Michael Njoroge for an educational trip to Rwanda, from 19th of May to 24th May 2013. Normally the postgraduate students have been going to visit schools in Kenya but this year the group was highly privileged to have a student from Rwanda who initiated the idea of visiting their country.  The trip was both exciting as well as an eye-opener.  The group was able to visit various institutions, under and brothers of charity.  The schools included, HVP Gatagara High an Inclusive School.  HVP Gatagara Nyanza, a school for physically handicapped HVP Gatagara Gikondo, an assessment centre and early stimulation. 

Professor Karugu and Dr. Njoroge visited Kigali Institute of Education (K.I.E) where they met with the Rector Professor Njoroge.  Kigali Institute of Education is one of the Universities which has plans to collaborate with Kenyatta University.

Kenyatta University is currently training 9 post-graduate students and two (2) PhD students in regular and school based programme.  We had more enquiries when we were in Rwanda and we are expecting more students to join the programme.

The group interacted with Educational Officers from Rwanda, members of Kigali Disabled Association, Directors of Brothers of Charity Organization, parents, teachers and students.

The group also visited Kigali Memorial site and learnt much about the genocide that took place back in 1994, that affected nearly all the people in Rwanda.

Lesson learnt on best practices even though Special Needs in Rwanda is not as advanced as in Kenya, we were emotionally touched by the willingness of the people to want to learn, positive attitude towards individuals with disabilities and material provision especially in the area of ICT for students with visual impairments.

We take this opportunity to thank the Vice Chancellor, Kenyatta University and the Brother of Charity for facilitating this trip.


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