Psycho-Educational Assessment

SNE /PGD/101: Historical Development of Special Needs Education: Internationally and Nationally
SNE /PGD/102: Development of Psycho-educational Assessment
SNE /PGD/103: Brain Anatomy and Physiology
SNE /PGD/104: Theories and Types of Psychological Tests
SNE /PGD/105: Tests Development
SNE /PGD/:106: Personality Assessment
SNE /PGD/:107: Clinical and Counseling Assessment Methods
SNE /PGD//108:  Project

SNE /PGD/209: Statistics and Scales of Measurement
SNE /PGD/210: Neuropsychological Assessment
SNE /PGD/211: Assessment of Career and Transitional Programs
SNE /PGD/212: Diagnosis for Teaching learners
SNE /PGD/213:  Issues on Assessment and Diagnosis
SNE /PGD/214: Research Methods In Psychological Assessment
SNE /PGD/215: Guidance and counseling for Persons with special Needs
SNE /PGD/216: Internship

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