Mr. Edward Muya

Position: Lecturer
Department: Library & Information Science
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844-00100 Nairobi – Kenya

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Conference Presentations

  1. Utilization of ScientificInformation resources
  2. National Policy on Records Management
  3. Library & Information science Curriculum


  1. Information needs assessment for environment specialist
  2. Understanding information seeking behavior and information use by faculty in education in selection universities in Kenya.

Coference Presentations

  1. Basic Health Services: A manual for rural health workers, Nairobi: AMREF
  2. Basic documentation and information services, Nairobi: UNEP
  3. NGO information needs assessment carried out in the Pacific/Africa/Asia and Latin America. Nairobi
  4. Special Education in Africa: Research Abstracts. Nairobi: UNESCO.
  5. Transfer & adoption of innovative ideas in a commercial environment
  6. An evaluation of Library development services for rural health facilities in Kenya. Nairobi: AMREF


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