Dr. Esther N. Waithaka


Title/Qualifications: Dr (PhD)
Early Childhood Studies
Contact Address:
P.o. Box 395, Ruiru
Area of Specialization: 
Children's play Child Psychology, Family Guidance and Counseling
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  • Dr Waithaka,2017, Choice of the Medium of Instruction in Kenyan Pre-Schools: Averting Xenocentrism, Journal of Education and Practice Vol 8,No. 9 (2017) 210-216ISSN (Paper) 222-1735  ISSN (online)222-288X
  • Dr Waithaka,2012, Children’s Involvement in informal play and games, Journal of the International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport vol 34 , No.2 ISSN:1443-0770

    Conference Presentations

    • Dr. Esther Waithaka, Averting Violent Behaviour among Preschool Children Kenyatta University 6th -7th October, 2016
    • Dr. Esther Waithaka Choice of the medium of instruction in Kenyan preschools: Gauging Xenocentrism Kenyatta University, Kenya 8th to 9th October 2015

    • Dr. Esther Waithaka Revitalization of children’s play: Parents’ perceptions and practices in Kiambu County, Kenya Kent State University USA 2nd-to 5th November 2014

    • Dr. Esther Waithaka Play in Kenya The Golda Meir Mount Carmel 17th March 2014

    • Dr. Esther Waithaka Teachers’ perceptions on Children's play, Kenyatta University Nairobi Kenya Nov 4th, 2013

    • Dr. Esther Waithaka Children’s Involvement in Play and Games in Early Childhood Centres in Kiambu County, Kenya Clemson University , South Carolina February 17th to 20th , 2013

    • Dr Esther Waithaka Media coverage on child trauma issues, Nairobi, Kenya Catholic University; Nairobi Kenya July 12th-15th, 2011

    • Dr.Esther Waithaka Children’s Involvement in informal Play in Kenya. Kenyatta University Kenya 21st August 2012


    • Dr Esther Waithaka 2015 Parents’ and Teachers’ perceptions on use of Mother tongue as a medium of instructions in Early Childhood, in Kiambu County

    • Dr Esther Waithaka 2015 Children’s Voices on the Quality of Preschool Experiences

    • Dr Esther Waithaka 2015 Parents’ perceptions and practices on use of mother tongue in preschool in Kiambu County,

    • Dr Esther Waithaka 2014 Parents’ Involvement in their children’s play in Kiambu County

    • Dr Esther waithaka 2013 Teachers’ perceptions on Children's play,in Kiambu County

    • Dr Esther Waithaka 2009 Children’s Involvement in Play and Games in Early Childhood Centres in Kiambu County,

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