Dr. John Teria Ng'asike

Position: Lecturer
Department:Early Childhood Education
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 , 00100 Nairobi

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Dr. John Teria Ng’asike is currently a Lecturer at Kenyatta University in the department of Early Childhood Studies and Teacher Professional Development. He holds a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Arizona State University in the United States. His main area of study is in early childhood education with minor in elementary science education. Dr. Ng’asike researches indigenous knowledge epistemologies and the role of culture and Language in education. Other academic qualifications includes: A Masters degree and a Bachelors degree in early childhood education from Kenyatta University, a SI certificate in Science Education from Kenya Science Teachers College and a Certificate in early childhood education from Kenya Institute of Education. Dr. Ng’asike joined the department of Early Childhood Studies at Kenyatta University in January 2000 as a Graduate Assistant and has since risen to a full faculty member teaching and mentoring graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Ng’aske has ten years experience teaching Science and Mathematics in Secondary Schools in Kenya where he rose to the position of deputy principal. Besides University teaching, Dr. Ng’asike has over twenty years of experience in early childhood education as a trainer and curriculum specialist. He has participated in curriculum development at Kenya Institute of Education and was a member of the National Panel overseeing the Kenya National Examination for Diploma and certificate in early childhood education.

Dr. Ng’asike’s research interest that culminated in the doctoral dissertation is on Indigenous epistemologies and education in cultural nomadic pastoralist communities in Kenya. He uses his research interest to argue for culturally relevant education for children of his native Turkana pastoralist community and advocacy for education for the marginalized children.

Dr. Ng’asike can best be described as a social justice activist in education. He uses ethnography research methodology to understand social and curriculum issues on education in marginalized Indigenous communities. His interest in indigenous research methodology integrating ethnographic inquiry approach has inspired some of the current works that have received publications which includes:

  • Ngasike, J. T. (2012).Training of Science Teachers for Early Childhood and Primary Grades in Kenya. New Zealand Journal of Teachers’ Work, Volume 9, Issue 1, 36-49,

  • Ng’asike, J & Wojnowski, D. (2012). The Potential of Turkana Indigenous Knowledge in Environmental Education and Promotion of Ecotourism. MAWAZO. The Journal of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Makerere University. Tourism, conservation and development issue, Vol 11, No. 2, 56 – 58.
  • Ng’asike, J. T. (2011).Turkana Children’s Rights to Education and Indigenous Knowledge in Science Teaching in Kenya.
  • Ng’asike, J. T. (2010). Turkana children’s sociocultural practices of pastoralist 
    lifestyles and science curriculum and instruction in Kenyan early 
    childhood education. Arizona State University.
  • Ng’asike, J .T (2010). Early Childhood Education in Kenya: A Threat to Cultural Development and Sustenance in African Children. 18th Recenceptualizing Early Childhood Education (RECE) Conference, Dalton, Georgia, USA, October 15, 2010 (under review)

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