Ms Nyarangi B. Onchari Isanda

Nyarangi Onchari Isanda

Name: Ms Nyarangi B. Onchari Isanda
Special Needs Education
Contact Address:
Physical address. Department of Special Needs Education, Arts complex Phase 1, Room 114 Kenyatta University.
Tutorial Fellow

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  • 2011: Isanda B. (Publisher_ VDM  Verlag Dr. Muller) Title: Effects of Captioned TV on Instruction of Learners with Hearing Impairment..

Research Experience

  • September 2014: WERK (Ongoing): National Survey on Value Based Education Qualitative Data Collection
  • November 7th – 11th November 2013: KNEC:SACMEQ IV Main Study Data Analysis: Qualitative and Quantitative
  • July 2013: KU & McGill & Rooftops Canada Abri International & NACHUChildren, Violence and housing Evaluating Project: Qualitative Data Collection
  • October 22nd – 26th 2012: IIEP, Paris Charter Qualitative Data Collection Techniques for Planning Gender Equality in Education Using Interview and Observation Techniques
  • September 30th 2013: SACMEC IV: Training of Trainers Forum Nature & Scope, Instruments, Training Data collectors, Data Collection & Data Analysis Dissemination
  • August 23rd 2013: PRIMR & SACMEQ III Dissemination Preparatory Meeting Policy Briefs, PRIMR Project Findings & Recommendations
  • November 29th – 30th 2012: IIEP Paris Charter Data Validation, Preparation, coding, and Text Analysis for stories behind Gender Differences in Student Achievement; building on Exploratory Piloting, Data Entry and Transcriptions. Dissemination Strategies.
  • September 24th  - 28th 2012: KNEC- Special Needs SectionProvisions for Candidates with Special Needs in KCPE and KCSE Evaluating the Usefulness of the Report for Policy Formulation by Stakeholders & Evaluating the Usefulness of the Report as an Academic Reference Material
  • September 22nd – 26th 2012: UNICEF ESARO/ IIEP, Paris CharterResearch Workshop on Gender Equality in Education, Kenya.
    Training for Researchers & Follow up Data Collection & Preliminary Analysis for Stories Behind Gender Differences in Student Achievement. PART II
  • September 9th - 15th 2012: KNEC & AGA KHAN FOUNDATIONUtilization of KNEC Examinations Feedback Report’ Study
    Data Collection in Taita Taveta County
  • August 8th 2012: SACMEQ: Steering Committee Meeting SACMEQ III -  Dissemination; SACMEQ IV - Logistical Strategies; SACMEQ  IV - Action plan Phase II
  • July 30th - 3rd August  2012: IIEP, Paris Charter Conducted a pilot Study in selected Nairobi Schools using Qualitative Data Collection
  • Techniques in Investigating Stories Behind Gender Equality in Learning Achievement PART I July 30th - 3rd August  2012: IIEP, Paris Charter
    Exploratory Pilot Study Training for Researchers on Qualitative Data & Exploratory Study to Investigate Stories Behind Gender Equality in learning Achievement, Kenya.  PART I
  • June 24th - 29th 2012: KNEC & KEPHIS Workshop Presented a Paper on: Policy & Administration in Special Needs Education. Trained on Analyzing Qualitative Data using Statistical Package for Social Sciences.

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