Position: Senior Lecturer 
Department:Educational communication and Technology
Contact Address: P.O. Box 43844 - 00100 Nairobi
Tel.: 254 721 419857

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  • 2019: From implementation to efficacy: factors affecting Kenyan secondary teachers’ technology integration Africa Education Review 16 (1) 58-87
  • 2018: Teaching and learning needs as learner support services  in Open, Distance and E-learning programmes offered in selected public universities in Kenya. African Research journal of education and social sciences 5 (21)
  • 2017: Metacognition and graduate attributes’ development: engineering students relfections of their strengths, weaknesses and strategies. International Journal of Arts and Sciences 10 (01) 329-338
  • 2017: Kenya secondary teachers’ and principals’’ perspectives and strategies in teaching and learning with large classes. Africa Education Review, 13 (1-29)
  • 2015: Opportunities and challenges: Integrating ICT in teaching and learning mathematics in secondary schools in Nairobi , Kenya Journal of Education and Practice 6(24)
  • 2014:   Types of Mobile Phone Technologies Available to Students and Lecturers to Enhance       Academic Performance in Selected Ghanaian Public Universities.  International Journal          of Engineering Research and Technology Vol. 3 (6).
  • 2011:   The role of a Teacher in Knowledge – Based Economy.  Papers Presented at the first KIE             Symposium and published ISBN: 9966-31-145-3. Nairobi: Kenya Institute of Education.
  • 2004:   Higher Education and the need for “a deep” and “process” approach in teaching and         learning of Essay writing skills.  East Africa Journal of Human Social Sciences 4 (1),   January – June, 1-15.
  • 2001:   Effective Listening Skills: Accentuating the neglected side of communication.  The           African Journal of Historical and Social Sciences Research Vol. 3, No. 1, pp 29-46.

Article in Conference Proceedings

  • 2003:   The African Universities’ Response to the undergraduate Students’ need for Independent             Learning and Critical thinking Skills paper in Conference Proceedings by the Association of Third World Countries – Kenyan Chapter.


  • 2020:   Effective classroom communication. Book chapter downloadable from researchgate.com
  • 2019: Thesis, Proposal And Academic Writing Concepts. Downloadable from researchgate.com
  • 2007 (June): Communication Skills in Teaching and Learning (a module prepared for Centre                     for Capacity Development, KU).
  • 2006:   Public Relations and Information Technology (a module for distance learning students),    Kenyatta University.
  • 2005:   Organizational Behaviour (a module for distance learning students), Kenyatta University.
  • 2004:   Business Communication (a module for open and distance learning students), Kenyatta     University.
  • 2003:   Communication Skills (a module for open and distance learning students), Kenyatta          University.
  • 2003:   Fundamentals of Communication (a module for distance learning students), Kenyatta       University.
  • 2003:   Fatal Embrace. A poem published in an anthology of Poetry and also recorded in CD by   International Library of Poets and recited in New York Poetry Congress.

Research Grants

  • 2010:   Received project planning grant $50,000 from USAID Syracuse/Kenyatta University             collaboration.
  • 2011:   Received grant from USAI/HED for Capacity Building for Quality Teacher Preparation   under Kenyatta University/Syracuse University Linkage.
  • 2013:   Additional grant for USAID/HED project on Capacity Building for Quality Teacher         Preparation.
  • 2014:   3.9 million Kenya Shillings as additional grant for equipment, books and materials under             HED/USAID.


      • Ndethiu sophia M, Critical Reading Skills For The 21st Century: The Role Of Universities, 2017, IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, vol 22, issue 12

Conferences/ Seminars/ Workshops

    • 2014: Training Seminar for Teacher Mentors under the Kenyatta University Teaching Practicum and Mentorship Programme, “The Role of Effective Communication Skills and Public Relations in Teacher Mentoring” 28th – 29th August, Nairobi.
    • 2014: Seminar to highlight accomplishments and recommendations from the USAID/HED project on Capacity Building for Quality teacher Preparation under Africa US Higher Education Initiative, 2nd July, Nairobi.
    • 2014: Training seminar on Guidelines to Thesis Supervision Plagiarism and Intellectual Property Rights, July 22nd.
    • 2014: 12th International Conference on IT Application Management: Culture and Humanities in the Digital Future, 8th – 9th, Nairobi.
    • 2014: Building Capacity in Quality Teacher Preparation workshop on dissemination of research findings for USAID/HED funded Project July 2nd, Nairobi.
    • 2013: International Conference on Technology, Teaching and Learning, 10th – 12th July, Nairobi.
    • 2012: Blackboard Teaching and Learning Forum by United States International University – Africa: Topics: the active student, the agile institution, learning and mobile technologies.
    • 2012: July: Workshop on Academic Writing and Publications by Prof Jared Keengwe Sagini, visiting Scholar from North Dakota University, Nairobi.
    • 2012: 12th International Conference on Building Teaching and Learning Communities, Boston, USA, July 18th – 20th.
    • 2011: A Perspective of the Current Status of the Communication Skills Programme in Kenyan Public Universities. Paper presented at the International Conference on Education: Education for Societal Transformation 20th – 22nd July, Nairobi.
    • 2011: (June) Project Planning Meeting for USAID/HED funded Project on Capacity Building for Quality Teacher Preparation, Syracuse University, New York.
    • 2011: Workshop on Strategies for Supporting all Learners under USAID/HED Project, Kenyatta University, 24th October.
    • 2011: Facilitator: Workshop on Strategies for Handling Large Classes under HED/USAID Project, Kenyatta University, 13th October.
    • 2011: Examination Coordinator’s Seminar on Examination Processing using student Examination Management System, Campus Vue, July 22nd, Kenyatta University.
    • 2011: Workshop on ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning at National ICT Innovation and Integration Centre, 25th October.
    • 2009: Promoting Independent Learning Strategies for the 21st Century: The Role of Critical Reading Education at University Level. Paper Presented at the International Conference on Education: Innovative Teacher Education and Classroom Practice for the 21st Century 7th – 10th July, Nairobi.
    • 2009: The Role of the Teacher in a Knowledge – based Economy. Paper presented at the First KIE Symposium on Technology, Education and the Knowledge Economy Nairobi, February, 17th – 19th.
    • 2008: Facilitated a one week course on Communication Skills for civil servants under Center for Regional Capacity and Development, Kenyatta University 3rd – 7th June.
    • 2007: Invited to Participate in DAAD’s Alumni Staff Conference, Malawi 29th October – 2nd November.
    • 2007: Workshop on Sensitization on English Language Norms under Literacy Project funded by Rockefeller Foundation 25th – 26th October.
    • 2006: Attended seminar on Academic and Professional Integrity, Kenyatta University.
    • 2005: e-Learning workshop at Kenyatta University Institute of Open Learning facilitated by University of Carolina North Central, USA.
    • 2004: The African Universities’ Response to the undergraduate students’ need for independent learning and critical thinking skills. Paper presented at the International Conference of the Association of Third World Countries, September 5th – 7th, Kenyatta University, Kenya.
    • 2004: Workshop for University Senators, Kunste Hotel Nakuru, 5th – 7th February.
    • 2006: Workshop on Integrating HIV/AIDS Content Across the University, Curriculum, Kenyatta University.
    • 2002: Attended workshop on module writing at Blue Post Hotel Thika, 17th – 18th January.
    • 2001: International Conference on Transformational of Higher Education Management and Leadership for Efficacy in Africa 12th – 16th November, Nairobi.
    • 1994: Negotiation Skills in Lecturing and their role in the Effective Communication of meaning. Paper presented at the communication skills Seminar held for Communication Skills staff in Public Universities, Nairobi.
    • 1994: Effective listening to lecturers: revisiting some basic assumptions. Paper presented at the Communication Skills Seminar for communication skills staff in Public Universities, Nairobi.
    • 1992: Workshop on Academic writing and Disciplines by Greg Myres, Communication Skills Department, Kenyatta University.
    • 1992: Workshop on Examinations and Testing by Nicki Mcleod, Communication Skills Department, Kenyatta University.
    • 1991: First International Conference on Academic Communication Skills for Africa, July 1st – 3rd, Nairobi.